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Jul 25, 2014 +

A beachy guesthouse

Nothing much has changed, right, moms?

Bloggers take note: A brilliant faux backdrop for your photos

A soothing bedroom makeover

I went to the Indigo media holiday preview and can't wait for these cheeky pouches to hit the stores

I spotted this pretty blouse on Ella at the preview. Now I must run to the store and get my own!

Just stop comparing

French homes are always so inspiring

Ohmigosh, this ice cream is so good

An impressive kitchen before and after

Do Over: Retro Beachhouse Laundry Room

Jul 23, 2014 + , ,

Do you ever dream of doing a do over? Do over a room in your house and take the style in a different direction? Since most of our renovations are less than five years old, it wouldn't make sense to do over much in our house. But it is fun to dream about it.

Bringing a coastal vibe to the back porch has me wanting to take this breezy look into other parts of our house. The laundry room is an easy candidate - it already has that beachy feel with the aqua glass tile backsplash. I'd take it down a notch, make it a bit more laid back with these few elements.

White, blue, and black is my jam these days. How about you? What room would you do over in your home?

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