Do Over: Retro Beachhouse Laundry Room

Jul 23, 2014 + , ,

Do you ever dream of doing a do over? Do over a room in your house and take the style in a different direction? Since most of our renovations are less than five years old, it wouldn't make sense to do over much in our house. But it is fun to dream about it.

Bringing a coastal vibe to the back porch has me wanting to take this breezy look into other parts of our house. The laundry room is an easy candidate - it already has that beachy feel with the aqua glass tile backsplash. I'd take it down a notch, make it a bit more laid back with these few elements.

White, blue, and black is my jam these days. How about you? What room would you do over in your home?

Oar Decor

Jul 22, 2014 + ,

I've had these old oars sitting in the garage for the last few years. I brought them down from the cottage, not knowing where I would use them, but I think they have finally found a home on the back porch.

old oars, weathered oar, unpainted oar

We sanded them down this weekend (even Chloe got some time with the sander) but the wood beneath is not very attractive so I think I'll paint them or give them a weathered look. I don't want the porch to look overly coastal so I searched out a few inspiration pics with oars as decor.

 Homestead Seattle

Frugal Farmhouse Design

Design by Meredith Hutchison
Wish Simple blog
I love the simple look of these oars above - but I find it so hard to shy away from colour and pattern sometimes. These bold painted oars from Norquay Co. are also calling my name...

Aren't they so fun? You definitely could do a DIY version of this. What would you do - weathered or painted?

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