The Love List

Apr 24, 2015 +

A colourful and preppy office

How to mix window treatments in a room

Do you ever think about rebranding your blog? I do all the time!

This light bulb's a gem

5 questions to ask yourself

Think bigger for your blog

$98 US for this gorgeous side table? Crazy!

Trends for home from High Point Market

A capsule wardrobe - could you do it?

In my dreams, my Sunday mornings look like this too

Chloe's Craft Corner: Paper Butterfly

Apr 23, 2015 +

Chloe and I have made another craft video. She enjoys filming them and I'm enjoying learning more about making videos. I read this thought-provoking article about how the nature of blogging is changing and I have to say I agree with a lot of it - video and our increasingly short attention spans really is changing the way we consume content. So, while I know you don't want to be watching videos of my daughter (cute as she is!) all the time, I'm eager to explore to this new medium and see how I can use it for this blog.

Have you made videos yourself? Leave comments in the post if you have. I'd love to see your work.

For those of you with little ones, here's a video on how to make paper butterflies. Chloe now has these stuck up all over her room. And yes, between the first video and the second one, she lost her front tooth. How quickly things change!

Life Lately

Apr 22, 2015

I've had good intentions all week to write a deep and provoking blog post. I have a list of blog post ideas and several half-written drafts, but the reality is work is in overdrive and the blogging mojo is just not there this week. Do you ever feel like that? I have managed to do a few fun things in the last few days though so here's a glimpse of life lately:

That's me looking all serious and business-like. On the weekend, I gathered with my awesome BlogPodium team and a talented video crew and we shot some very fun footage. We're announcing details about the next conference very soon so sign up for the newsletter if you want to hear all about it. PS, my next home will have all white walls and eight foot tall windows. Natural light is very flattering ;)

I was lucky enough to finally meet Erica Cook in person and put a big ol' hug around her neck. She was in town to do some work with Simply Orange and was as sweet as can be. Erica shared this decor idea of putting orange slices in a vase with this tip: put a small glass votive in the middle to keep the slices upright. Smart! It was a fun meeting and we got to try mimosas made with the new Simply Orange with Coconut Water (only available in Canada). I'm not a big orange juice drinker (I usually find it too tart) but this was delicious and citrusy without being too strong. It's my new go-to breakfast juice.

Well hello there sexy kitchen. I attended the KitchenAid preview where they showed off their new appliances and let me tell you, they were drool-worthy. The fridges have features like five drawer compartments, platinum (not white) interiors and soft-close doors. This is a photo of their new black stainless line (really a dark charcoal grey). Very impressive - though I think I preferred the traditional stainless dishwasher that has a window that lights up when your dishes are clean! Totally an unnecessary but enticing design feature.

At the Indigo fall preview (another preview? Doesn't this girl work?!) they showed off their style and home products which were all in shades of moody indigo blues and oxblood red but I was most intrigued by this table. That's the colouring book for adults I hope somebody gets me for Mother's Day. It's a great stress reliever and I'm sure it boosts your creativity as well.

And finally, I attended a calligraphy workshop hosted by Hallmark Canada and PostCalligraphy (check out her inspiring instagram). A few things I learned:
1. Warm up by writing with a pencil first
2. Thin strokes when going up and thick strokes going down
3. The right tools make ALL the difference. I received one of those calligraphy kits last Christmas (the ones where the ink comes in a vial) and my writing results were just okay. But using these proper straight and oblique holders and an ink well at the workshop was so much easier and produced writing that was much more fluid. I tried to come up with a quote to write and this was the best I could come up with. Obviously, more practice is needed.

Tell me, what random fun things have you been up to?


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