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Nov 21, 2014 +

A sweet bathroom makeover

A bright and colourful laundry room

Growth is optional

Not one but two pretty house tours

Jane's beautiful bunk room

Fun to see how one room inspired many others

I've seen so many instances of negativity online lately. I'd rather embrace positivity.

Tips for going freelance

A few more tried and true purchases to share with you this week. Only four weeks till Christmas! Eek!:

sarah style ecco boots gimme brow burlap reindeer shawl

1. Do you have a design fan on your shopping list? You'll want to pick up Sarah Style by Sarah Richardson. You'll recognize many of the photos from her shows but Sarah goes really in depth in her writing and provides the How's and Why's of designing rooms. Lots of design lessons to absorb and be inspired by.
2. I played host at an event at Target this week. This stylish reindeer with shawl was the star of the holiday tabletop. I just had to bring one home with me and put him at the front door for a chic way to welcome guests!
3. The snow has arrived and I thought it was time to get a heavy duty pair of boots that will stand up to Canadian winters. I used for the first time and bought these Ecco boots. So far, so good; they've kept my toes toasty for walking Chloe to school.
4. I attended a blogger conference last weekend and Benefit Gimme Brow was in the gift bag. I have never quite mastered using brow pencils or powders but this brush-on gel was super easy to use. You can build up your brow in layers and it looks natural and not heavy at all. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

I plan to get the tree up this weekend and finally get our home ready for the holidays. Have a great weekend!

Hot Chocolate and Mini Pancakes

Nov 18, 2014 + ,

With the back porch done, I've been looking for any excuse to spend time outside and enjoy this space before it gets too cold. Luckily, I didn't have to look far for inspiration. It was Sean's birthday this week and Chloe has been asking me to make him a special treat so while the two of them were off at ballet class, I put together this small but fun celebration.

hot chocolate mugs and mini pancakes

I've come to appreciate these types of celebrations more and more... simple pleasures, easy to prepare but special enough to remember. Nothing was overly styled or planned, just a simple menu of hot chocolate and pancakes.

I've been doing some online shopping lately so I broke out my purchases from Indigo. Seriously, I could buy everything in that store. These stoneware mugs (made to look like vintage tinware) were too cute to pass up as were these salt and pepper mason jars, which I filled with cinnamon and cocoa for topping. A-dorable. I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of these over the winter.

mini pancakes on skewers
mini pancakes on skewers

The pumpkin crunch pancakes were delicious. To make them a bit more special, I made them in mini form and placed them on a skewer accompanied by a tiny cup of real maple syrup. So easy for dipping and one-handed eating ;) I added a dash of pumpkin spice latte syrup to the hot chocolate and topped it with raspberry marshmallows I picked up at Bobbette and Belle a few weeks ago. Decadent!

faux fur pillows blankets cable knit plaid
faux fur pillows blankets cable knit plaid

Speaking of decadent, it was a bit chilly outside so I brought out our cozy textiles. I topped the metal table with an old blanket and burlap tablecloth. On the bench, I stored away the summer pillows and piled it high with our warm weather accessories. Faux fur, cable knit, plaid... I can't get enough of these textures at this time of year.  

large mug of hot chocolate with raspberry marshmallow

Chloe was so excited when she got home. That girl loves her hot chocolate. Then we curled up under the blanket, sang Happy Birthday to Sean, and watched the snow start to fall. There's more snow in the forecast so I'm afraid this might be our last outdoor celebration for a while. I'm so not ready for winter yet, are you?

A MERRY Felt Mini Stocking

Nov 17, 2014 + ,

If there's one thing I love about the holidays, it's how you get transported back to simpler times. Baking sweet goods, making handmade gifts, writing Christmas cards to faraway friends... the holidays encourage you to make and do and truly give of yourself.

If you're looking for ways to bring the handmade into your holidays, then find your inspiration right here in the pages of Merry. Put together by Melissa of The Sweet Escape and 15 contributors (myself included!), Merry provides creative and original ideas on how to enjoy a truly one of a kind holiday season.

{click image to open Merry}
The tutorial for my Felt Mini Stocking project is below. If you're inspired in some way by Merry, I'd love to hear about it. Happy reading!


felt mini stocking goodie bag for classmate gifts

When it comes to crafts, I like ones that are easy, quick, and cute. This project is all three!

I love working with felt. It's very forgiving, easy to cut and sew, and doesn't fray. It's also fairly inexpensive so it's a good material to use when you have to make multiples of things. This Felt Mini Stocking was so simple to make and only takes about two minutes to complete so you can whip up a few of these quickly.

template felt mini stocking
  1. Create a stocking template using card stock. Make the stocking 3" wide by 8" high. The top 2" will be folded over to create the cuff.
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon 6" long. String a bell on the ribbon.
  3. Cut a piece of felt 8" wide by about 9" high. Fold in half. 
  4. Place the ribbon in between the folded felt, with the bell inside. Poke the ends of the ribbon about 2" down from the top of the stocking.
  5. Pin the stocking template on top of the folded felt. Pin the ribbon ends in place.
  6. Sew just outside the template, down one side, along the bottom, and up the other side. leave the top unsewn. Remove the template.
  7. Cut through the two pieces of felt just outside the sewn line. Be careful not to cut the stitches!
  8. Use pinking shears to cut along the top.
  9. Fold the cuff down 2" and bring the ribbon to the outside.

The stocking is really versatile. Here's a few things you can do with a mini stocking:
- fill it with candies or treats for classmates
- use it as a cutlery holder for your holiday table
- tuck a gift card inside
- string a few together to make an advent calendar

felt mini stocking cutlery holder and goodie bag
felt mini stocking cutlery holder

Easy, right? You can embellish the stockings with buttons, ribbons etc. just using white glue. This is also a project the little ones can help you with. I let Chloe have a go at sewing some of the straight edges and she cut all the ribbons for me. Now all that's left is to gather some treats to put inside!

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