The Spring One Room Challenge 2017

Mar 29, 2017 +

It's almost here... the spring One Room Challenge™. That mad/crazy/exhilarating dash to make over a room in just six weeks. The collective push by 20 featured design bloggers and 150+ guest participants to turn eyesores into beautiful rooms, all the while documenting their progress online. I've watched the transformations and participated over the years and am excited to share some news...

I am one of the featured designers for this spring's edition! Thank you to Linda of Calling It Home for inviting me along to participate in the madness! I'm humbled to be asked and am looking forward to working with some amazing sponsors and sharing what's inspired me in the design world. But, I must admit I am STRESSED a bit already. Part of the fun, no?

This will be my second ORC. Last spring, we transformed our oh-so-2008 yellow dingy space into a bright & airy tropical dining room. With a few delays, we actually didn't start that room until Week 3 so it was a stressful sprint to the finish. The end result was all worth it though.

So what room will we be tackling this time? We just moved into this house in December so the list of potential candidates is long. Maybe we tackle our master bedroom? It's currently covered in paint swatches on the walls. Or the guest bedroom? Also covered in paint swatches! Or we could tackle the basement spaces like the laundry room or family room, both currently covered in unopened moving boxes. Do you sense a theme here?? Those rooms are severely lacking in storage and making me miss our old basement dearly.

The fun starts on Wednesday, April 5th. Come back to find out which room I'll be stressing over and see which other bloggers will be joining in on the fun. Will you be joining too?? Do it! I love that we can all be in this together.

The Love List

Mar 24, 2017 +

Working in the ridiculously beautiful Urban Grace Interiors office would be a dream job, I think

Green is trending but I still love blue-hued rooms

Great designer secrets from one of my favourite design teams

I love how Dina has preserved and enhanced the old house details in her home. Each room is prettier than the next!

This is exactly how I imagine chic Parisians live

Speaking of chic, black + white in outdoor spaces is exactly that

Dream house exterior

Kerri's renovated kitchen is the prettiest. Love her counter stools!

Have a lovely spring weekend, friends!

DIY Garage Organization II

Mar 21, 2017 + , ,

Observe the creature in his natural habitat... ;)

Sean has just about finished building his workbench and garage storage. To say he's excited about this space is an understatement. Every spare moment he's had the last few weeks, he's been out there building and organizing.

He's built a bespoke, customized solution where storage has been sized to fit our tools just right. Much like we did when we planned our kitchen, we first looked at what we had and then ensured we had a home for everything. The under-cabinet shelf had to be high enough to store the table saw, air compressor and the like. Smaller storage for items that needed to be stored standing up like aerosol cans, spraypaint, and garden and cleaning sprays was built in as well.

We took advantage of the high ceilings and added overhead shelving to store the long lengths of wood, dowels, and trim that seem to always be floating around the garage.

My favourite touch is the drawing paper storage. Sean created a paper holder contraption out of a dowel, two moulding rosettes/corner blocks, and a flat piece of wood. The paper is from Ikea. Sean's always drawing plans and sketching ideas so this is a fun and useful addition.

There's a few finishing touches still to go but this room is pretty much finished. First renovation in the new house is done, ha!

The Love List

Mar 17, 2017 +

I have to agree, Shaker style is timeless. P.S. deVOL Kitchens can do no wrong.

Speaking of kitchens, I enjoyed Holly's dissection of what makes a modern country kitchen

This New Orleans video home tour was delightful. I especially liked the trellis in the sun room.

Emily's studio looks like a great space in which to work

Have you noticed a trend towards more minimal interiors these days? Julie's edited and simple style is one of my favourites

Cynthia's spring centrepieces are so charming

I'm loving the new app. Now all you have to do is take a screenshot to get shoppable links

Have a trim and moulding project in the works? Nancy shares all her tips and tricks. I have one of my own that I can't wait to tell you about soon ;)

Have a great weekend friends!

11 No Fail Objects To Style The Perfect Shelfie

Mar 16, 2017 +

via The Everygirl
This prolonged winter weather is really bringing me down. You too? I'm counting down the days until I can throw open the windows, do a bit of spring cleaning and get my rooms feeling fresh and new.

I'm looking forward to styling the shelves in the office and bringing in some new decor. Styling can be daunting but with a few well chosen objects, you can have your shelves looking as instagram-worthy as the one above. Isn't it perfectly balanced and interesting? Something natural, something gold, geometric is good too...I've found there's a bit of a formula for getting that perfect shelfie. Here's 11 no-fail objects that can have you styling like a pro.

  1. Start with natural, organic objects like pieces of driftwood, smooth rocks, or a whitewashed sculpture to bring warmth and softness to your shelves
  2. A shiny brass paperweight or word art adds sophistication. Place it on a stack of books for more presence.
  3. For interesting contrast, fill this muted brass vase with bright florals
  4. These sea glass beads ooze coastal charm, even if you don't live by the sea
  5. Clear glass boxes offer endless display possibilities. Use them to store smaller collections or more delicate objects
  6. Are your vignettes looking too feminine? A geometric sculpture can bring balance 
  7. Opt for decorative boxes with interesting patterns and colours to liven up your display
  8. A candle, especially one in a pretty package, adds both functionality and style
  9. A pair of bookends brings a sense of symmetry and order. Showcase them with old books from the thrift store - just be sure to pick the ones with the prettiest spines!
  10. Blue and white ginger jars are very trendy right now. I love the artistic quality of this one
  11. You can't go wrong with a classic bust. The traditional shape works well against more modern objects


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