Edible Surprise

Sep 15, 2008

A very kind neighbour who I do not know, left us some pears on our front steps.  What a nice surprise!  I like that I live on a street where sweet things like that happen.  I'll have to write them a note and thank them.

Letterpress cards by etsy seller InvitaPaperStudio.


  1. Wow, that's the kind of neighbourhood everyone dies for!! How sweet is your neighbour! Good deeds will bring good returns :)

  2. Hello Wanderluster,
    I've been meaning to send you a note about the great article about your renovation in the Globe. It's hanging on our fridge right now. I recognized you the instant I turned the page, not by your photos or any of the text, but by your fantastic house numbers. I think the numbers you've chosen are great and hope to do something similar on our house once the exterior paint is finished. We're moving through our renovation room by room too and we share your philosophy about the merits of a gradual approach--it helps to know a place before rushing to change it. We love seeing your progress. The kitchen is looking beautiful--can't wait to see the backsplash grouted.

  3. Thanks wen. I might just have to bake them an apple pie in return, lol.

  4. Thanks s and n! I enjoy watching your reno progress too... your attention to detail is something I know HandyMan appreciates :) I love our house numbers, but slightly larger ones may have looked better. We used 5" but I think 6" would have fit better with the scale of the house and be more visible against the brick.


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