Thursday Funny

Oct 9, 2008

Dr.Oz on Oprah: "Womens' brains shrink 8% when they're pregnant"
HandyMan: "Great! Now maybe I can win an argument"



  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Good one, Handyman.

    I wish my husband would get pregnant so that I could win an argument. I could use that 8%.

  2. Ha! What Handyman doesn't realize yet is that a pregnant woman wins ALL arguments by default. All you have to do is pat your stomach and sniff like you might start crying. Works every time. -Julia ;-)

  3. Thanks for the tip Julia ;) It's already been put to good use, haha.

  4. I found that facinating , I sure went through baby brain , couldn't remeber words, would forget constantly , it all makes sense.8% is a very large amount though yikes.

  5. willow3:31 PM

    HAHAhahahahaha.... Handyman will likely still not win the arguments :P


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