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Timing is Everything

by - Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I thought today's post would be about the preparations HandyMan and I have made over the past few days to get my condo sold. We've already bought a new house so the pressure was on to get the condo sold by the end of July. We've spent the past few weekends scrubbing and polishing every nook and cranny - the place hasn't looked this good since I bought it! And finally, this morning, the mls listing was put in.

Well, as with the best laid plans, this one too went awry. Instead of telling you about how we're waiting on pins and needles waiting for a fair offer, I'm blogging to let you all know that I SOLD MY CONDO IN SEVEN HOURS!!! Yup, you heard right. A great offer was presented and with very little fuss, my home of the last three years is no longer my home. I'm still in shock (disbelief?)... I bought this place before it was even a hole in the ground, and now, in less time than it takes me to do a full day's work, in less time than I get in a night's sleep, in less time than the time between breakfast and dinner... I have sold my condo. WOW.

The timing couldn't be more perfect. We'll hold both the new house and old condo for an overlap of three weeks, enough time for us to do some of the dirty renovation stuff like pulling up carpet, sanding down floors, and tearing down wallpaper. While I'm excited to jump into the renos and start building a house that is "ours", truthfully, nothing will compare to that first moment I walked through the door of my condo, stood in the middle of the empty room, and said "This is mine. My first house". Goodbye McKee, you were my first great experiment in home ownership. I'll remember those lessons well.

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