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The Beginnings of a Kitchen

by - Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hot on the heels of hosting our first family dinner, HandyMan and I visited our first kitchen showroom. We went to Aya Kitchens in Woodbridge, a place I've seen advertised in my monthly Canadian House & Home magazines. It was also the place our friends Junebug and Frisco got their fab new kitchen.

As our kitchen is a miniscule 8'x13', we won't have many options on what to do with the space. Here's a few pics of the space in its pre-reno glory.

We'll be gutting the entire room (goodbye floral wallpaper) ourselves so are planning for the demolition in springtime - at least we'll be able to bbq outside for some of our meals. HandyMan warns me that I should be prepared for a few surprises behind these 50-year old walls. As long as I don't find anything like this, I'll be fine.

Stylewise, we'll create a room that is cohesive with the adjacent dining room. Simple shaker style cabinets in white, some glass doors to show off our new wedding dishware, and grey-ish stone countertops are some of the wishlist items. As a Capricorn, "efficiency" and "organization" are my mantras so those ideas need to be translated into a space that is also beautiful, smart and highly functional. I've still got a few months of planning and dreaming... its going to be an exciting ride!

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