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But Can It Fit a 4x8?

by - Thursday, January 10, 2008

We've had quite the financial workout over the last few months. Wedding, honeymoon, house bought and condo sold, renovations, Christmas. I guess its all part and parcel of starting a new life together, building our house into a home, just living, actually. And looks like 2008 will be more of the same (financial workout, that is).

HandyMan and I have gone and done it - done something we weren't quite planning on but had to nonetheless. We bought our first new car. Up to now, we've been happy to traipse around town in HandyMan's trusty (but used and somewhat wornout) 1996 Honda Accord. But the demands of a combined lifestyle and house in renovation have proven our little auto will no longer do the job. The last straw came last month. HandyMan and I made our regular weekend trip to Home Depot in search of materials to finish off the new garage. A few weeks previously, we'd bought new roof racks and envisioned carrying sheets of plywood, lumber, whatever we needed, on the roof of the Accord. Alas, even our brand new roof racks would not, could not, make the car fit our needs. The flimsy sheets of pegboard we'd bought were too flimsy. Light as a feather they threatened to blow off of the roof by even the slightest breeze. In the end, I drove the car home and HandyMan walked, massive sheets of pegboard in hand.

That image still fresh in our minds, we decided to bite the bullet and picked up one of these:
Don't worry - we've checked - there's more than enough room to carry a few sheets of plywood, a couple of cans of paint, strips of quarter-round, and MDF panels. And HandyMan won't even have to walk home.

P.S. Anyone wanna buy some roof racks?

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