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Conquering My Fears

by - Thursday, February 21, 2008

I did it. I went right up to her, I shook her hand, I introduced myself. And I talked to Sarah.

I'm sure many of you out there can relate. Have you ever had the chance to meet someone you admire greatly? Your hands get sweaty, you think "I can't talk to her. She'll think I'm a dork". And you wait those long tense moments for the crowd to disappear until you get your brief shining moment. See, I've got history with Sarah. I've loved her since the Room Service days when she worked on cheap makeovers of rental apartments. And now, with Design Inc., everybody knows her name and nary a rental in sight.

Tonight, HandyMan and I went to the Interior Design Show. I was intent on asking Sarah to be in our next Pecha Kucha. And after some not-so-gentle prodding by HandyMan, I made my pitch. "Have you heard of Pecha Kucha?" No, I haven't. What's a Pecha Kucha? "Do you think you could speak at our next one in May?" In between production for the show, and time with the family... I'll have to get back to you. If I begged you, would you do it? Please, please, pretty please?

Okay, so I didn't ask that last question. I was pretty professional. I name dropped (the Mayor, Bruce, and Don were all speakers at the first Pecha Kucha), I stayed calm, and I gave her the 30-second elevator pitch. I'll have to follow up with an email and send her the details. Fingers crossed that the stars will align on this one.

But that doesn't matter. I've got one more thing off The Bucket List. At least I can say I tried. But maybe it wouldn't hurt to send Sarah a copy of our book. You know, to let her know I'm legit and not really the stalker I appeared to be tonight :o\

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  1. Very brave of you to go up to her. I just started watching Design Inc (not sure how long its been airing in the US) but Im in love with her designs. I think Sarah has now taken over as my favorite Canadian :)

  2. From your blog, I can tell you have similar tastes to Sarah :) You can catch episodes of Design Inc online at, if you've missed any!

  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    WAY TO GO!!! I can't be more proud of you making you way up :) Too bad I couldn't capture a nice shot of you 3 chatting away. I was too nervous and my hands were shaking... with joy and exhiliration!! Go Go Go! Send her the books, and i PRAY for you that Sarah will speak at Pecha Kucha II!!! you never know! Dream BIG!


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