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Faucet Hunting

by - Tuesday, February 12, 2008

(Kohler Eclectic Kitchen Inspiration)

Next item on our kitchen reno hunt is a faucet. I'm not sure really exactly what to look for although there are a few features I'd like:
- single handle lever
- brushed stainless finish
- pull out spray
- maybe a gooseneck style

Here's a few that have caught my eye:

From L to R: Elkay Arezzo Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet; Grohe Ladylux Pro; Tango by THG; Tara Ultra by Dornbracht; Elio by Dornbracht; Aberdeen by Moen; Hansgrohe Stratos HighArc Single-Hole with 2 Spray Pull-Out; Kohler HiRise Two Handle; IQ by Jado; American Standard Culinaire Hi-Flow Pull-Out; Arwa Surf; Blanco Precision

Any ideas on what to look for in a kitchen faucet? I suspect that faucets are like paint -- you get what you pay for so its worth it to spend a little more.

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  1. I'd suggest to keep them as streamlined as possible because crud has a way to get into crevices. I'd never get the 'slinky-style' one for that reason.

    Also, be careful about falling into the 'you get what you pay for' trap when it comes to faucets.

    If you take a basic faucet with two taps the range in quality between, say, 50$ and 500$ is not very great; ie. your 50$ tap will serve you just about as well as your 500$ tap.

    But soon as you get to the kinds of faucets where there are ball bearings (the kind where you pull up and then turn the lever right or left to adjust the temperature) or you have a hose/sprayer or any number of moving parts, then the difference in quality between the 50$ and 500$ tap becomes much more significant.

    Also, as a matter of personal choice, I don't like two-tap faucets in the kitchen, preferring something that I can operate with the back of my hand (like the aforementioned ball bearing faucets)--there's nothing like having your hands full of bread dough, using the taps, and then having to scrub them clean after. :-)

    I've noticed that a lot of the faucets you picked are the kind where you have to push the tap in and turn to get water. I find them a bit fussy, but I do tend to favour efficiency over form.

    My last bit of advice is to try all the faucets on display.

    Good luck! :-)

  2. I have specified this faucet, from Danze's Parma collection in several condos and hotel kitchens when budget is a concern. It seems to do really well.

    Check it out.

  3. I'm digging the bottom middle one. To be honest, I got a more reasonably priced Stainless Steel Kohler (K-10433, and am quite happy with it. With the smooth lines and brushed finish, it's pretty easy to keep clean and does't break the bank.

    If you are planning on keeping a monotone backsplash then I'd consider a really nice faucet, but if you do a busier backsplash you won't really notice the faucet as much.

  4. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Oh wow! Look at that kitchen. I am drooling with envy.

    Those faucets are all gorgeous, I think you would be happy with any of them. I know I would be! :)

  5. Wow, thanks for all the great suggestions!

    Raven - I never thought about the slinky style getting all cruddy! You're right. Something sleeker is better. I too like the single lever. I'll be sure to try out the displays beforehand!

    Dale - nice one! I'll add that Danze one to my list :) I wonder if they have a pull out spray version?

    Corey - you're right, I hadn't considered how the faucet will look against the backsplash. We picked out some potential tile for the backsplash (will post pics soon) and its very nice but the palette is subdued. Definitely something to think about though. Thanks!

  6. I have the middle one from your top row, except it has the black end (where the hose comes out). People are typically confused at first as to how it works (to open and find the hot water). I like it as it fits well with the design of our kitchen.

  7. I chose the Grohe Ladylux Pro in stainless for my last kitchen. It was easy to operate the pull-out and as there were no crevices clean up was easy.


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