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Fun with Fabric!

The fabric samples I mentioned in my previous post need to be returned to Designer Fabrics this weekend. I think we've pretty much picked the silk needed for the dining room curtains. So what did we do with the other 10 samples? Well, yes, we've started working on things for another room in the house (and if you've been paying attention, that makes it 4 rooms we're making plans on... kitchen, dining room, deck, and this bedroom... all in play, not much accomplished, lol).

We're using the fabric in the guest bedroom. It's a fair sized room, about 10x13. So far, we've done nothing with it except remove the horrid shag blue carpet and the dated wallpaper border. Oh, and we had to harvest a few floorboards from the bedroom to fix the floor downstairs in the living room, plus we tried out a few test patches of floor stain. No matter, we're covering it all in carpet anyways.. but the next homeowners may be peeved to find the stain patches and the big piece of plywood where the wood was cut out. Oops ;o\

The room will function as a guestroom and possibly eventually a nursery (yes, Dianne, I've mentioned it again, lol!). Any fabrics we pick will stay so they'll have to work under both schemes. For inspiration, I once again looked to my favourite designer Sarah Richardson who did this for her own nursery. The palatte isn't typical for a nursery, not too cutesy or cuddly. And how fun is that giraffe lamp! So with that in mind, here are the contenders.

Pretty awesome don't you think? We've played with them a bit, mixed and matched and come up with a few interesting combinations. Have a look at some of our favourites:

I'm partial to the first and last combos, though the yellowy fabric in the first pic is $61/yard so it might be out of the running. Then again, we don't need much of it. Here's the window in the bedroom. Our plans are to remove the existing shelving and place 3-foot tall Ikea cabinets on either side of the window. Then we'll build out a bench seat over the rad. It'll be deeper then the cabinets and we'll put a cushion on top. I've always loved the look of window benches. I realize it'll probably be more decorative than functional since the window hangs so low, but it'll be pretty none the less.

We're close to defining the look but not there yet. I'll put together some inspiration boards with the fabric and maybe, finally, we can decide a palette and can choose a paint colour. I'm so tired of looking at the unfinished walls :o\

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