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Modern House Numbers

by - Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Each day, as I drive up to my house, I notice how 'unnoticable' it is. It looks like all the other houses on the street (and granted, I love how the row of red-brick semis makes me feel like I live in a leafy Boston suburb), but I can't help but wish it had a bit more presence. The shutters made a bit of a difference and at least I can tell which house is mine. Once the weather turns warmer, I'll be nagging HandyMan to paint the window trims and the front door. I also want to change the house numbers to something more modern.

On our honeymoon, HandyMan and I stayed at the Gran Hotel Domaine Bilbao. Its a stunning place and our room literally overlooked the Guggenheim. One of my favourite things about the hotel were the numbers and lettering found throughout.

For a font fanatic like me, I was in heaven! Each floor had lettering in a different font. Some were oversized and graphic, others were italicized and scripty. They varied in thickness too, with some floating on the wall, casting interesting shadows. This is the look I want to greet me at my door: sleek, shiny and modern.

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