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It's All In The Timing

by - Monday, March 24, 2008

Sometimes, my timing sucks. Case in point: here is my old 'makeup vanity'. Yes, its a computer desk. I tried to turn it into a vanity by putting my brushes in a cup in the cubby hole, stacking my hairbrushes and curling irons on the keyboard shelf, and affixing a mirror to the back, but in the end... it was just a computer desk. 

So for the last few months I've been on the hunt for a new vanity. I wanted something pretty and full of storage and narrow enough to fit in the niche in our bedroom. I'd seen the mirrored vanities that are becoming the rage now, but thought the look was too 'done', too common. I wanted something different. I scoured craiglist hoping to find something I could reinvent with a bit of paint and elbow grease.

Then I found this. On our trip to scout office stuff at Ikea, this little pretty was calling my name. So I moved my brushes and blushes in and made her mine. She came with the striped yellow and white panel in the drawer but I added a swath of wallpaper under the glass. And I was happy.

But this is where my timing failed me. No sooner had I become accustomed to starting my morning routine seated at my new vanity, than I came across desks being sold by a hotel liquidator. As these pieces were made to survive the wear and tear of hotel guests, they have sturdy construction. And since they were designed for small hotel rooms, they are narrow in size. In other words, they would have been perfect to use as a makeup vanity! Argh!! Oh - and did I mention that all of these cost less than $100? Yes, even the cream one with the real marble top. To score a deal like this, google 'hotel liquidator' and your city.

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  1. Love your vanity, love the stool!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

    What a great idea!! I would never have thought to consider a hotel liquidator!!! I've got my living/dining/bedrooms essentially furnished in my mind and was just beginning to muse over my little den and whether to get a desk or not....I was actually looking at an ikea one, but the options here are so much more affordable (then ikea!!) and of better quality...AND they're a drive along the QEW away!! I will have to go in for a closer inspection soon...

  3. the vanity is super cute, but I'm with you on the sweet deal!

  4. If it makes you feel any better, furniture that have been in hotels have been touched by all sorts of human disguistingness. I can never forget the special I saw about what you can see in hotel rooms with forensic equipment. Its really quite aweful.

    I love the shape of your Ikea vanity.


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