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The Neverending List

by - Monday, March 31, 2008

The weather must be getting warmer because HandyMan and I managed to get a lot done this weekend. Pics will be posted in the next day or so of the finished home office. The room looked a little “right-side” heavy with all the bookcases on the right wall. We’ve balanced that out a bit by installing a small CD tower under the counter on the left and filling the left-side wall with frames. Add to that the graphic curtain which is just being sewn up, the turquoise office chairs that have been donated by Mama Wanderluster and we can call this room done. It is definitely the most colourful room we have ever done… which is not necessarily a bad thing…colour stimulates creativity which is great for a workspace. But I’m thinking we keep the ‘drama’ to this one room and have all the other rooms on this floor done in a more calm palette.

Dining Room Mistakes

Silk drapes in a wheat colour have been added to the dining room. We originally thought a milk chocolate brown to pick up the brown outlines… but milk chocolate brown curtains + yellowy/green brown wallpaper = something you don’t want to see in a dining room, haha!!! So we’ve settled on wheat. There’s less of a contrast between the drapes and wallpaper which actually makes the room seem bigger. Again, pics will be up soon!

Plans for the Kitchen

And finally, we are almost ready to start the kitchen reno! The disposal bin will be booked for this weekend and we’ve got a crew of sledgehammer-wielding friends to help us tear out our little galley kitchen. Demo should take a day and tearing up some floorboards to see what’s causing the sag in the floor should take another few hours. The drywaller and electrician are lined up and waiting and once demo is done, we’ll order the cabinets. A few other choices have been made for the kitchen. It has evolved into a black and white bistro look. Here’s the inspiration board… what do you think?

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  1. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Love the mood board for the kitchen! Its going to look fab! I have seen a similar tile used for a splashback ( backsplash! sorry I'm from Australia and we call it a splash back!) on a blog recently...and I love love loved them! Gorgeous choices, and can't wait to see the pics of the rest of the study!

  2. Thanks peachy keen. I love the grey tones of the calacatta should pop against the white cabinets :)

  3. I can tell from some of your photographs that you love texture, and I think that texture always works best within a limited palette like the one you've chosen. I would love to see a colour shot of your surface choices, but you can never go wrong with a classic bistro look. Here is a link to the blog of a Toronto couple doing something similar in their kitchen:

  4. Thanks s&n. You're right about the love of texture, though I didn't realize it was so evident in my photos :) Once we find the right Kashmir White slab, I'll post a pic of the granite.

    I love that kitchen. Funny, we've even looked at the same suppliers - Saltillo tiles and Altima Kitchens. Thanks for the link!


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