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Workin' the Work space

by - Sunday, March 02, 2008

With HandyMan off in British Columbia for work (and a little ski time at Whistler too), I played lonely housewife this weekend. This was the longest we've been apart since we've been married. Strange how big and empty the house feels when I'm all alone... and hearing all the bumps and creaks... and noticing all the creepy shadowy corners...why the heck did I decide to watch The Haunting of Sorority Row by myself???

At least the days were sunny and bright. Spring is just around the corner. I managed to get a few things accomplished sans mon mari, like filling all the holes in the office walls with putty. I figure I'll paint next weekend and finally be rid of the yawn-inducing washed-out baby blue that is on the walls. I can't wait to hang my etsy calendar, organize my file folders and fill the room with other pretty little things.

L to R: Egg and Paris filefolders Cavallini & Co.; letterpress calendar from etsy seller ilee; 5-year diary Rare Device; personalized paperweight iomoi; Kassett magazine file IKEA; Reed desk accessory Umbra; In the Aviary magnets from etsy seller Undies; Aeron chair DWR.

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