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All PK'd Out

by - Monday, May 26, 2008

I must be getting old. HandyMan and I hosted Pecha Kucha Toronto Vol.2 on Friday night and we were so tired from the event that we spent the rest of the weekend recuperating. Who knew that organizing 10 speakers and editing some presentations would have such an effect? It was all worth it though. The event went off with only a few minor hitches to the enjoyment of a packed, standing room only crowd. HandyMan and I got to talk to the Mayor again and finally give him the Pecha “20x20” book put together by the worldwide Pecha Kucha organizers in Japan. His presentation from last year was featured, though it took an embarrassingly long few minutes to actually find the article (why, oh why, didn’t I just sticky-tab it :P) All in all, a great event. The presenters were interesting and diverse, the timings were spot on, and the videos ran as expected (whew). And the audio-visual technicians provided a nice surprise by projecting the presentations on the slanted massive walls of the Royal Ontario Museum's entry lobby. The ROM never looked so good ;)

A few images of the night:

Ok – we didn’t entirely put off the housework. Come back later and see pics of the fancy new modern house numbers!

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