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Shiny Happy Numbers

by - Monday, May 26, 2008

In a continuing effort to make our house stand out from the crowd, we installed our modern house numbers. They seem to be a hit with HandyMan's "groupies". [Sidenote: HandyMan has garnered quite a following among the 5- to 10-year olds girls living on our street. More than once, I'll be working somewhere in the house when I hear the girls on our back porch, asking HandyMan what he's doing in the kitchen. I guess the sight of a man wielding a powertool is attractive to females of all ages!] As one of the girls told HandyMan tonight, "I like your numbers. Everybody else's is just boring". Perfect...non-boring is just the look we're going for :)
Before and after:

5" Ribbon Deep numbers from

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  1. Love the new numbers!

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Much improved. Funny how much of a different that can make. Was it hard installing them on the brick?


  3. Installing them wasn't too difficult. They came with a template and luckily the template fit squarely on two rows of bricks. All of the screws hit the brick instead of a mortar gap. We had to rent an impact driver but the drilling went smoothly. We drilled the hole slightly bigger than the screw and filled the hole with construction adhesive so it would hold tight. (Note: we used the taupe colour adhesive. We should have used the white one which I think dries clear).

    We also ordered the spacers with the numbers so the numbers actually sit about a 1/2 inch from the wall. When the door light is on, you get a nice shadow effect.

  4. Looks great. Our numbers should go up this weekend, along with our Chiasso stainless steel mailbox. Hopefully they look as good as yours do!

  5. I LOVE those numbers !

  6. They look great. I love the "floating" effect.

  7. These numbers are way cool. And I love that he has neighborhood groupies who are evaluating your work. -Julia :-)


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