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Mystery Behind the Walls

by - Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Imagine living in an apartment where you could have your very own scavenger hunt. Where behind its walls, in corners and crevices, are secret keys, a book of mystery, ciphers to be decoded, and hidden panels exposing hidden locks. Its like the Da Vinci Code but instead of Robert Langdon running around Paris to solve the mystery, its you scurrying about your house in your pyjamas. Read this tale of how a creative (and crazy?) architect did just that, creating a magical mystery for his clients in their home – without even telling them! How awesome is that.

Photos courtesy of the New York Times.

The magnetic key which opens hidden panels:
Hidden puzzle pieces form a key:
The kitchen model in the secret compartment:
A custom sideboard which holds more than wine glasses:

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  1. I saw this article too. Isn't it amazing? I wish I had the time/money/creative thinking to do something like this in our house!


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