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A Step In the Right Direction

by - Monday, June 30, 2008

One of the first things we did with the house when we moved in was strip it of all of its pink carpet ugliness. From the front door, throughout the main floor and the entire upstairs, it was a sea of pink. We moved quickly at first, getting the floors restained just in time for our move in. But since then, we've done little else with the floors, hitting a staircase standstill so to speak.

We have some baseboards to refinish, some quarterround to install, and have yet to paint the banister, the risers and stringers on the staircase. With the Canada Day holiday tomorrow, hopefully we'll get that last item finally off the list. I've already filled in all the old carpet staple and nail holes on the risers and we should finish painting them in the next day or two. The look I'm hoping for is classic - white risers, dark treads and handrail, and evetually a nice sisal runner. Here's some of my favourite looks:

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