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Shopping Spree

With hot & hazy temperatures all weekend, HandyMan and I made a point to be out and about. We ordered our granite from Tempo, a lovely Kashmir White slab with hints of bluey-green. We’re still waiting on some quotes from installers… is anyone else as mystified by the whole stone buying process as we are? You pick out a slab from a supplier, but you actually get your price (including the cost of the slab, finishing, and installation) from an installer.

After buying the granite and visiting our appliance dealer to move the delivery date, we headed down to the outdoor art show. My brother is an artist so I didn’t have too much sticker shock and knew what to expect. The show was fantastic and I could easily have spent $thousands. HandyMan and I fell in love with a piece by Chris Langstroth but our limited budget and limited wall space dictated we buy something smaller. We ended up buying two abstract paintings by Kathleen Weich. They are colourful and textured and will look great at the top of the stairs against the grey wall.

On Sunday, we took a trip out to Moveline Liquidations who I’ve blogged about before. Let me tell you, this hotel liquidator did not disappoint! We picked up the headboard above and two very large prints for $50. What a steal. The headboard will go in the guest bedroom though I’m not sure what colour to paint it yet (canary yellow? Lobster orange?). As for the frames, I actually like the prints and will paint the frames a glossy white and change the mats out to white as well. They’ll look great over the sideboard in the living room for now.

And proving what a great resource this place is, its actually where The Sarah bought the desks for her office makeover. Hmmm, we seem to shop at the same places. Hopefully, some of her design sense will rub off on me too!

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