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Selecting Moulding for the Kitchen

Just when I thought things were getting quiet around here - what with the kitchen cabinets installed and just waiting on the final touches - a long weekend tempts HandyMan and I to get a few more things knocked off our To Do list.

We were on the hunt for transition strips and door and window casing. After less-than-fruitful trips to Home Depot and Lowe's, we headed to our new favourite lumber store Central Fairbank Lumber

Central Fairbank Lumber

More than a lumberyard, this place offers a plethora of doors, lumber, hardware, siding, columns, and mouldings mouldings mouldings. Best part was that they had free samples of all the mouldings so we took a whole pile to mix and match at home. We decided on a fairly flat casing and simple backband for the window and doors.

A little bit of clean-up in the garden unearthed a nice surprise. The previous owner Kiki had a little water feature, but after we cleared it of its rocks and dirt, we discovered it was big enough to house a fish or two! 

garden pond

We moved a rock out of the garden to use as an island and Mama HandyMan donated some floating plants. HandyMan picked up 3 goldfish at Walmart...though we worried the racoons would make a snack out of them :o\ Turns out, one of our fish met their fate not by a racoon -- but by our water pump! Yup, sucked right in... what a horrible way to go.

After that was all done, we still had quite a bit of time left in our long weekend. Check out what we did in the next post!

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