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How 1/2" Is Going To Cost Me $400

by - Saturday, August 23, 2008

As promised, here's some updated pics of the kitchen. First, the lovely trims which HandyMan installed. He was able to figure out that tricky corner without a compound mitre saw.

Kitchen Renovation Details

diy kitchen renovation

Then, here's the beautiful Kashmir White granite countertop.

diy kitchen renovation diy kitchen renovation

The stylish Rohl country faucet with sidespray and the awesome Blanco sink also got installed.
diy kitchen renovation diy kitchen renovation

Looky, our new dishwasher has arrived too.
diy kitchen renovation

And the pieces de resistance... the refrigerator and dual fuel range... in my garage.

diy kitchen renovation

Why, oh why oh why oh why are these appliances in my garage and not tucked away in their homes in the new kitchen?!! Because of this culprit right here:

diy kitchen renovation

See this old hot water radiator? This little rad is 1/2" too wide, making it impossible for the fridge and stove to come into the house and down the hallway to the kitchen. We tried moving the appliances through the other door, the back sliding door, but with one fixed panel held in by screws and caulking and who knows what else, trying to get the sliding door out is more trouble than its worth. 

So, the simple solution (relatively speaking) is to get a plumber in to cap off the rad and remove it. As luck would have it, we've found someone who can come in later today and do the job (at time and 1/2, no doubt). Now we'll just have to convince the appliance delivery guys to come back at the end of their shift today and move our appliances once again. Wonder if a case of beer will do the trick??

Just when we thought we'd surpassed all the hurdles, the reno gods rear their ugly heads :o(

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