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Sound Evolution

by - Tuesday, September 02, 2008

While we were in NYC, I picked up the Griffin Evolve that I blogged about before. I thought it would be cool…but its even cooler than I thought! This little radio is so versatile. We put our ipod on the base and a speaker in the living room and one in the dining room and walked around…it sounded like we had built in speakers in each room. We brought a speaker out on the deck, and found the remote control would work through walls! The sound quality is very good (its not BOSE quality but good enough for us) but portability is the Evolve’s top feature. Here’s a little video clip I put together to show just how versatile it is. Warning: if you watch this, you may want to buy one yourself ;)

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  1. Cute video - we bought one this summer and love it too.

  2. OOOOO - I likey! I want one! Thanks for the demo

  3. I have total tech lust!


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