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Our Next Big Project

by - Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Now with the kitchen finally done, HandyMan and I are ready to jump into our next project - and this one has a tight timeline! We've decided to work on our upstairs guest bedroom. Here's a few pics of it in all its blue shag and floral border glory.

The border has since been removed and the carpet has been ripped out, but we're left with a hole where we had to cut out some of the hardwood to fix some patches on the mainfloor. We also used the floor to try out some of our stain samples. No worries though, because we're planning on re-carpeting the room (but I pity any future homeowners who take up that carpet in hopes of finding pristine hardwood underneath!).

Some people responded on the survey that they'd like to hear more about how to decorate small rooms and bedrooms. This room, though a decent size at about 9'x11', has some space issues that you might relate to - like the lack of any sort of closet, a single window, an awkwardly placed radiator, and no sort of architectural details. Over the next few months, you'll see our plans for the room and how we take it from drab to fab. So what are we going to do with the space? Well, we want to take a bit of this:

And add a bit of this...

Because HandyMan and I are having one of these...

Yes, HandyMan and I are having a baby :) So this room will have to be multi-functional... as a guest bedroom for Grandma when she's sleeping over to help me with the baby, as a place for me & baby to escape to when HandyMan wants a peaceful night's rest, and eventually as a room for baby to call their own (but that's way way way down the road). Given its myriad uses, the room won't have typical baby room decor... and because we don't want to find out the sex of the baby, it won't have an abundance of blue or pink either!
What we hope it will be is calm yet cheery, cozy and warm, delicate and beautiful. Sort of like baby-to-be :) Let's just hope we get it all done before mid-April, because this deadline can't be budged ;)

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