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Bathroom Layout

by - Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ever notice how when you're working on something fun, it doesn't seem like work? That's how HandyMan is with AutoCAD. Task him with drawing something up and he becomes as productive as a spider making its web. He can whip up plans, elevations, and drawings in no time. So when we found the tile for the bathroom walls, he got really excited and came up with myriad options. Which was great, because sometimes having a visual of the end product really helps with the planning.

At first, we thought of having the tile just on the tub walls and put a half wall of beadboard on the other walls. But with the carpet tiles in marble, we thought that would be mixing styles too much. So then we played with the idea of putting tile on two of the four walls... but where to stop? Put the tile only in the shower stall? Run the tile across the top of the door and behind the toilet? Here are some looks:
Okay, looking good so far. And what about the other two walls? It would be easy just to paint them and be done with it. Or we could tile them which would be a little more work. Maybe tile only half the wall to keep from overwhelming the small space...
So many choices! But now seeing it all on paper, we can clearly see the look we want. Here it is:

I love the vintage feel of the room. Using white tiles will help keep the room from feeling too tight and claustrophobic. The band of grey ceramic tiles beneath the cap rail will run around the perimeter of the room and will help tie everything together. As well, we're going to wrap the top and front of the half wall between the tub and toilet with marble, which ties in with the marble tiles on the floor. And the half frosted/half wood door will bring in natural light and brighten up the space.

There's a few things we're not loving (like the front skirt of the tub - would have looked better plain and simple), but at least we've managed to find fixtures to fit in the small space. I'll post pics of what we've picked out so far soon.

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  1. Hah! I love it! Tony is the same way. I forget how much easier it is for him to just draw or render as opposed to my sitting and thinking it through!

  2. love the graphic illustrations - it really does help when making a decision, doesn't it? I love what you picked...I can't wait to see the end result!

  3. Are you getting a new tub? If so, you can just get a drop in and tile the front of it.

    I looked at doing all the way around the bathroom, but decided it was just too much work. Looks like you, or your contractor, will be very busy. :-)

  4. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I know it's not the most exciting of bathroom fixtures but have you given any thought to your toilet? I live in a typical Leaside home as well and our bathroom has a similar size/layout. We are looking to replace our toilet and due to the space issues we can't have a wall hung, but are looking for a nice one with a low profile (you have to conserve inches if you can in these bathrooms).

  5. Anonymous11:48 PM

    My master bath looks a lot like yours; white tiles, marble, very classic. It's airy, bright, and on OUR mini gray band that goes around the perimter (partial perimeter--there's one wall that is painted and has open shelving in front of it) is made of tiny rectangles of marble. It's beautiful, and yours sounds similarly beautiful.


  6. mrs.leah.maria - the drawings also help prevent those "no, it would look better this way" arguments, lol.

    katie - I can't wait to see it either! Its going to be a lot of tile work for HandyMan though :o\

  7. corey - we thought about a dropin with a tiled front but it would eat up too much of our floor space. We're almost right at the door frame with the skirt as it is. Argh. So we live with the ugly tub. I'm hoping to distract you with the tile work anyway ;)

  8. erin - the wall behind the toilet has pipes running through it (not sure for what yet) so we couldn't have a wall hung. Luckily, we found a very narrow toilet that will fit in the space - American Standard Cadet3, only 15 inches wide. You're right, these Leaside houses can be a challenge!

  9. jbhat - yours sounds lovely! Send me a pic if you can. I love seeing what other people have done with their spaces.

  10. I hate the apron of my tub too , I will at some point cover it with beadboard by building it out about an inch .

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