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A Soft Place To Land

by - Sunday, November 23, 2008

We finally picked up the cushions we had the seamstress make using outdoor fabric we bought from Designer Fabrics. She did a great job and the cushions have nice piped edges and straight seams and patterning. I can't wait to use them...but we'll have to wait because two inches of snow blankets the ground right now. Next summer, we'll paint the whole porch in white and add some beadboard on the ceiling. I can hear the summer breeze already!

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  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I love this!!! Is it on a front porch or back porch? I just showed this to my hubby and asked him to build one for me out front.

    Love love love it.

  2. I just adore this space. Makes me wish for warmer weather. Those cushions and garden stools are gorgeous!

  3. Thank you for the comment you just left on my blog. Soooo helpful. I really appreciate it.

  4. Thanks Emily! Its the back porch. To see how we built the banquette, you can check out this post:

  5. Love the cushions. Can't wait to see the beadboard on the ceiling.

    take care,

  6. Anonymous11:29 PM

    I thought I was looking forward to the holidays, but looking at that loveliness makes me want to fast forward to summer! It's going to be so beautiful out there.


  7. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Oh it looks lovely! Perfect time of year for it here is Australia!

  8. swedaisy - the beadboard is my favourite part too. I think I'll be painting it haint blue, just like on Southern porches.

    jbhat - I can't wait either! :)

    Peachy - ooh, now you're just trying to make me jealous. How I'd love to be in Australia this time of year.


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