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Three Strikes

by - Thursday, November 13, 2008

Three strikes today and I’m out. First, I had a press pass to see the unveiling of the renovated Art Gallery of Ontario today. It would have been my one and only chance to see Frank Gehry in person – but fiddlesticks, here I am stuck at work, working. (Don’t you hate it when work gets in the way of all the fun stuff??)

AGO photo by flickr user wvs

Then, I approached my fave designer Sarah to present at the next Pecha Kucha I’m organizing. Yes, I’m organizing another one as part of this show. It’ll be on Trade Day of the show. The theme of the Pecha Kucha is “Inspired By…” and since it will be designers/decorators/architects presenting to their peers, I’m sure they’re going to try and one up each other and show brilliant and unique presentations. That’s the hope anyway :) Alas, Sarah wasn’t available and her sidekick Tommy wasn’t either. Strike Two and Strike Three. Argh. But I’ve got a few more big names to approach and an interesting roster already lined up from all walks of the design industry… graphic designers, art gallery owners, architects, advertising, fashion designers. If you’re interested in attending, and will be in Toronto in cold, blustery February 2009 you can sign up for free admission here (I know it says Professional trade registration, but I've never seen that enforced or verified ;o) ).

Now to find something to wear that will de-emphasize the watermelon sized belly I will have by then!

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  1. Hmmmm.... Not quite your day... but the IDS09 Trade Day Pecha Kucha will surely be a big success!!! Frank, Sarah, Tommy... they'll be in your line-up some day!!

  2. Hey! Been out of it for awhile but just wanted to let you know, if you didn't already, that Sarah's featured in the latest H&H. I just collected it from my mailbox and the first thing I did, (well, maybe the 3rd thing after I turned on the light and put away my coat) was to rip away the plastic and flip to her story. I was a bit bummed that they didn't feature more of the interiors...the story's mainly about how she entertains. I do love her living room though...I got a crystal light fixture in HK that looks similar to the one she has although it's still packed away and hasn't seen the light of day. :)

    Hope you're doing well!


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