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You Made Me Do It...

by - Friday, November 28, 2008

...and I'm so glad you did :) Based on your feedback, HandyMan and I went hunting for the Toto Aquia toilet. It had similar specs to the Kohler Prelude we were considering - skirted design, dual flush, soft close, compact - but it had similar flush performance to the Cadet 3 (800 grams). This toilet was well suited to solve our "clean or green" dilemma -- so we bought it! One unanticipated benefit was that the back of the bottom skirt is cut away from the wall (unlike the Prelude). This means the toilet won't interfere with the baseboard we intend to put around the room. Bonus :)

Work on the bathroom is progressing quickly. Demo is done and electrical too. Plumbing and rough framing (we're flushing out one wall) should happen over the next two days. I hope there'll be time left to clean up a bit because my girlfriends are coming over Sunday for our annual Christmas get-together... and drywall dust sooo doesn't taste good on French toast :o\ I'll post some pics soon.

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  1. Anonymous1:15 AM

    It's like an art installation. Just beautiful!



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