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Bathroom Renovation Progress

by - Sunday, December 14, 2008

Work continues on the bathroom front. The contractor is almost done his work, with only a bit of drywall and scratch coat on the floor left to do. Then its all up to HandyMan to work his tile magic and finish off the room (unless we decide to get the contractor to do that too. We should have the quote for the tiling tonight).

So all in all, the room doesn't look that much different from what we had before. But functionally, when its all done we'll have gained some tub space, a more efficient toilet, better storage in the vanity, improved lighting, and a stylish look. The toilet nook behind the half wall is a bit cramped, but I'm hoping the white tiles will keep it from feeling too tight. The door will be half frosted glass so hopefully that will keep it light and airy too. Now to pick some paint colours and put some life back in this room!

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