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Tired of Tile

by - Sunday, January 04, 2009

Progress on the tiling of the bathroom is a little slow-going. Not for lack of effort, but its a big job for HandyMan to do alone. He has had to do all the tiling, cutting, and trim work around the window and door all by himself, without his trusty sidekick Wanderluster helping out. Add the fact that he has to do all the cutting in the garage in the dead of winter (measure tile, go down stairs, put shoes on, cut tile outside, take shoes off, go up stairs, install tile, repeat process 100 times!) - its a wonder he hasn't got frostbite yet :o\

But the room is looking awesome. We've a few minor issues with walls and floors not being level requiring us to rejig the layout pattern. Hopefully all the tiling will be done though this week and we can at least get the toilet back in. I can't tell you how happy that makes Mama and Baby HandyLuster :)

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  1. I really love that tile. He is doing a great job!

  2. It's looking great!!!!

  3. The bathroom is definately looking fantastic!

    Love the kitchen, love the garage. Oohh the banquettes! I love the wall paper in the dining room. Can't wait to see the finished tile floor in the bathroom. My favorite has to be the office trasformation. It was the jump off point for my own little art space. That I hope to feature on my blog soon.

    You and your husbands style is inspiring and very much like my own.

    Oh and one more things...looking forward to meeting sweet little Baby HandyLuster

    Take care,

  4. Such a big job, tiling, but you'll love the tile wainscot when it's finished--it's a beautiful clean and timeless look. Speedy good luck to you. Bravo to Handyman for his solo-braving-the-elements effort. The basket weave marble floor is going to be gorgeous and really perfect with the other finishes in your house. Happy New Year.

  5. It looks amazing , is he for hire ?? you can use the tub for tile cutting , just a thought considering the frigid temps we have been having .
    Please come by and read my post , I have been thinking about you especially.

  6. Anonymous5:31 PM

    He's a trooper. You and Baby WL are too, especially if you are having to pee somewhere other than your house. Yikes!


  7. Lookin' good! Can't wait to see the end result!

  8. It's looking great -- can't wait to see the finished product!

  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone! HandyMan appreciates the encouragement ;)


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