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Waiting, waiting...

by - Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I realize posting has been light around here lately, but there’s not much to report. The glass for the bathroom has been measured but won’t be in until next week, the door is somewhere en route to us, and the basketweave tile is sitting in our hallway waiting for the tile guy to find some time in his schedule to install it (I thought it was a recession around here and we’d actually have an easier time getting the trades in. Guess not!).

On the baby’s room front, we’ve got a first coat of paint on the ceiling and walls. Our berber carpet from Home Depot will be installed next week, which means we have to move our butts and get the Ikea wardrobes assembled and the banquette framed in this weekend. Home Depot also offers two free carpet cleanings so I’m planning to have a steam cleaning (no chemicals) right after installation in order to speed up the off-gassing. Since the carpet is in a baby’s room, we thought better to be safe than sorry (and its free so why not take advantage of it!). But I know how you all love pictures so I’ll leave you with these little snippets of things going into the room. Where they end up, you’ll just have to wait and see…

baby's room
baby's room - by wanderluster on

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  1. Where are you getting the Muji blocks from? I love the Paris set and have been looking for them locally rather than having to order them from oversees?

  2. That lucky baby. To have such a chic nursery!
    Is that the capiz light you found way back when? I just love it.

  3. A Little Bird - I picked up the blocks on my trip to New York last summer. Sorry, I don't know where you can find them locally.

  4. FC - yes, that's the capiz light I bought on ebay! Its been sitting in a box in our basement for the last year. We plan to eventually use it in the living room, but its so pretty, I thought I must put it on display now :)

  5. Anonymous12:26 PM

    The light fixture is GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to see what you do in there.


  6. Ok WOW this nursery is going to be gorgeous! And not too cliche with loads of pink or blue. I can't wait to see the final product! :)

  7. That pendant is fantastic!

  8. Simply incredible :) I'm jealous of BB!!!
    Love that pic!!


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