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You would think I would have more progress pics to show you by now, but unfortunately we’ve had to focus on other priorities lately. HandyMan’s mother has been in the hospital the past week. She’s recovering well and improving day by day, but now HandyMan and I are firmly entrenched as part of the “sandwich generation”. We’re welcoming a new baby and taking care of our parents at the same time. This is new territory for me. My own parents are in good health, in their own home, and I have other siblings I can rely on if needed. But HandyMan is an only child so we’re it, the only ones around to ensure Mama HandyMan’s care, mentally, physically, financially.

Its definitely a stressful time in our household. I had hoped to enjoy these last few weeks as a family of 2, to take the time to enjoy renovating the baby’s room, to savour my pregnancy and all the physical changes it brings. But these last few days have been go-go-go… talk to doctors, to lawyers, to financial advisors, to therapists. But such is the circle of life, right? So we take it in stride. Despite the whirlwind around us, HandyMan and I have been conscious to keep the renos on track. Crazy, I know. And yes, I know that all Baby HandyLuster needs is a crib to sleep in and parents to feed and care for him or her. Ultimately, the renos can wait, if needed. Avoid some stress and don’t try and finish it all beforehand, our well-intentioned friends and family tell us.

But in these tough times, I’ve learned that HandyMan and I are renovators at heart – and that’s something that can’t be ignored no matter how hard we try. We live for the toil and the effort. We get an adrenaline rush from ticking things off the To Do list. We won’t hesitate to give up sleeping late on weekends to make early trips to the lumber yard. If we’re not building/planning/doing, we’re not really enjoying life, are we? Its amazing how standing in a newly-carpeted, freshly-painted room can soothe your soul. How crisp new baseboards and a sparkly new chandelier can lift your spirits. Can the insanity of renovations really help to keep us sane? It seems that way.

So these days, when we’re feeling down and out, HandyMan and I are dealing with it the best way we know how… with hammer in hand. Others go to the gym to relieve stress… we beat it out with a power tool :) Its not for everyone, but it works for us. Welcome to your crazy family, Baby HandyLuster. You’ll be inhaling sawdust in no time*

*I’m joking about the sawdust, Baby. Not joking about your crazy family.

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