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by - Monday, March 02, 2009

You would think I would have more progress pics to show you by now, but unfortunately we’ve had to focus on other priorities lately. HandyMan’s mother has been in the hospital the past week. She’s recovering well and improving day by day, but now HandyMan and I are firmly entrenched as part of the “sandwich generation”. We’re welcoming a new baby and taking care of our parents at the same time. This is new territory for me. My own parents are in good health, in their own home, and I have other siblings I can rely on if needed. But HandyMan is an only child so we’re it, the only ones around to ensure Mama HandyMan’s care, mentally, physically, financially.

Its definitely a stressful time in our household. I had hoped to enjoy these last few weeks as a family of 2, to take the time to enjoy renovating the baby’s room, to savour my pregnancy and all the physical changes it brings. But these last few days have been go-go-go… talk to doctors, to lawyers, to financial advisors, to therapists. But such is the circle of life, right? So we take it in stride. Despite the whirlwind around us, HandyMan and I have been conscious to keep the renos on track. Crazy, I know. And yes, I know that all Baby HandyLuster needs is a crib to sleep in and parents to feed and care for him or her. Ultimately, the renos can wait, if needed. Avoid some stress and don’t try and finish it all beforehand, our well-intentioned friends and family tell us.

But in these tough times, I’ve learned that HandyMan and I are renovators at heart – and that’s something that can’t be ignored no matter how hard we try. We live for the toil and the effort. We get an adrenaline rush from ticking things off the To Do list. We won’t hesitate to give up sleeping late on weekends to make early trips to the lumber yard. If we’re not building/planning/doing, we’re not really enjoying life, are we? Its amazing how standing in a newly-carpeted, freshly-painted room can soothe your soul. How crisp new baseboards and a sparkly new chandelier can lift your spirits. Can the insanity of renovations really help to keep us sane? It seems that way.

So these days, when we’re feeling down and out, HandyMan and I are dealing with it the best way we know how… with hammer in hand. Others go to the gym to relieve stress… we beat it out with a power tool :) Its not for everyone, but it works for us. Welcome to your crazy family, Baby HandyLuster. You’ll be inhaling sawdust in no time*

*I’m joking about the sawdust, Baby. Not joking about your crazy family.

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  1. It sounds like Baby HandyLuster will be welcomed by a wonderful set of parents. He/she will be helping with the renos in no time. Do you have your plastic hammer ready yet for when that time comes? It'll be here before you know it.

  2. It sounds like your family and friends are giving you sound advice. It's probably easier to learn before baby's arrival that life will be a little "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" for a while. Think of this as just a little dress rehearsal!

    I'm amazed at how much you're able to get accomplished while 8+ months pregnant. I was pretty much useless during my pregnancy. Your home is an inspiration to me! Best wishes for improved and good health for your entire family.

  3. Aw -- I am so sorry about your MIL. It is so hard being an adult child, not to mention an only child. Rough times.

    Keep your chin up and hammers hammering!

  4. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Best wishes for your MIL and a restful next couple of weeks for the both of you!

  5. Oh gosh. I can't even imagine how overwhelmed you must feel. I know that I seek comfort in my surroundings - the environment I've created to feel truly at home in.So hammer away and feel comforted by the space you've created. xoxo!

  6. I hope things become a little more settled for you soon . I wanted to have two so that our daughter was not on her own , there are perks to be an only but there are downsides too .
    Funny about the baby room though , I had the perfect little girl nursery that no baby slept in , for about three months anyway , I never put the babies in another room when they first came home , too far for me ,it was a bassinet for my babies right beside our bed ,so I could stare and check for breathing of course not to mention night time feedings , much easier to cope with while laying in bed, wow how life changes , it is so much more full after baby arrives. That all seems like a million years ago , but the memories are as fresh as if it were yesterday .
    Enjoy the fun to come .

  7. You and the Mister are so good to take care of your family, young and old. All things will come together just as they should.

    Take care,

  8. From one prego&reno lady to another- I'll be thinking of you today.

    Love your blog, I'll be by often. We're trying to get the baby room done also- yours is looking fabulous. I'm inspired!

  9. Mama Handyluster is blessed to have a daughter-in-law like you.

    As I read your outlook on renovations amidst a hectic life, I agree wholeheartedly. Stepping back and seeing your hard work come to fruition absolutely soothes the spirit and soul.

    Hang in there Handyluster family =)

  10. It must be so reassuring to know that you and Handyman are such a strong team during difficult times. I gather that you and his mother have a positive relationship, but even if it's not, I can tell that you try to work to make it so.

    Your baby is lucky to have you both.


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