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Soft Spot

by - Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've been spending a lot of time lately in Chloe's room. It really is the nicest room in the house...dreamy yellow walls, plush carpet underfoot, and now - soft, soothing spaces to lounge on.

Gail the seamstress
did a fab job on the bench cushion, curtains and accent pillows. The cushion is covered in a subtle diamond and gingham print. It coordinates nicely with the swirly pattern of the curtain in shades of taupe, cream, and yellow. I figured that the bench cushion and curtains would be long-lasting (while some of the accent fabrics could change over time), so kept them fairly neutral. The slight sheen of the curtain adds a touch of luxury to the space - and the dim-out lining makes the curtain highly functional for a baby's room. We haven't installed the shelf above the window nor the curtain rod so for now, we just 'mocked up' the curtains and have the curtain hooks resting on the top of the window casing. Getting this room completely finished is a bit slow going these days ;)

My favourite fabric though is the pattern on the glider. Its bold, fun, and graphic. The pattern will help hide and stains or spills that are bound to appear when there's a baby around :) And boy, is it comfy! Chloe seems to like it too and falls quickly asleep as we rock away.

We had some bolster cushions and an accent pillow made with the leftover fabrics. Repeating fabrics and using them in various areas in a room really helps to create a cohesive, finished look. I think rooms feel best, feel more complete, when there are fabrics used. I'm surprised too at how many different fabrics and patterns you can use in a room. I worried that with all the polka dots, stripes, swirls, and other graphics Chloe's room would look a bit of a
jumbled mess. But luckily it doesn't. It looks and feels just right :)

Gotta run now... there's a little girl who's asking to be rocked to sleep.

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  1. its so beautiful! You guys obviously put a lot of effort on it. Hopefully, when we have our house, we can do up our rooms with the same kind of care.
    Just wanted to request if its possible for you to insert a cost-analysis for future projects. That would be helpful, if possible and if you are comfortable doing that!

  2. The room is lovely... the window seat is so inviting!

  3. That fabric is so perfect. I'll go through the archives because I'm sure you mentioned where you got it. The whole color palette in that room is so soothing. I could easily live in that room myself.

  4. It looks just right too. Great yellow colour palette -so appropriate for a nursery without being babyish. I'd curl up in there anytime..

  5. What an absolutely lovely room. I love love love the mix of yellow and brown and your fabric choices are TDF. XOXO to baby Chloe

  6. So beautiful. I do agree about using fabrics in multiple areas to add cohesiveness to a space. I was wondering...where does sweet Chloe sleep?

    Take care,
    Enjoy being the Mommy :)


  7. Anonymous11:40 AM

    It's beautiful and it's no wonder that you are enjoying spending so much time in there. You also sound very serene and relaxed, and must be adjusting to parenthood well.


  8. I am so happy for you guys! She will enjoy that room for years to come. It's looks liek a relaxing place to rest with baby. CONGRATS ON EVERYTHING!

    No matter what direction you take the blog I know I will be reading along. Maybe if you want to consentrate on the smaller things a little table arrangement or place setting? After all your banner does say homemaking. ;)

    Enjoy your little one!

  9. laurajane10:36 PM

    This baby room is adorable! :) It's so cozy and perfect! :)

  10. Thanks for all the sweet comments :)

    Swedaisy - Chloe sleeps in her crib which is in our master bedroom. Makes it much easier for night feeds!

  11. Wow, the nursery is gorgeous!!! And so is Chloe! I'm a new reader to your blog, but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all that you've done to your home!

  12. Anonymous7:54 AM

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  13. I LOVE the Giraffe and Monkey wall decals! where did you find them?

  14. Lindsay - I got the giraffe & monkey decal from seller ellynelly.


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