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Ikea, my way

by - Sunday, May 17, 2009

You all know that HandyMan and I love Ikea, and we especially love to "hack" Ikea products and customize or personalize them to suit our home. Our hacks range from the big (like the Expedit bookshelves in the home office), the not so big (the Pax wardrobes in the nursery), and the small (the vanity in the master bedroom). Like I did with the vanity, one easy hack is to add a wallpaper, fabric, or stencil accent to your Ikea unit. Here's a product that makes that job just a little easier...

Grippiks Surface Accents are decorative films made to fit some of Ikea's most popular products, such as the Billy bookcase and Lack tables. I could have used just this thing when I was looking for wallpaper to accent the back of the wardrobes in the nursery - this yellow & grey pattern would have fit the room just perfectly too!

And this greeny floral pattern would work well in the office.

I guess with the global popularity of Ikea, it only makes $ense that someone comes up with the brilliant idea to make compatible products. Looking for a slipcover for your Ikea sofa? Yep, someone thought of that too.

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