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In Full Bloom

by - Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chloe isn't the only thing growing around the HandyLuster household. Our garden you could say, needs some attention. While HandyMan has been focused on clearing out all the boxes of hand-me-downs from Mama HandyMan, I've been trying to get dishes, laundry, and some blogging done in those brief moments when Chloe isn't asking to be fed/changed/held/rocked/played with.

So we've let Mother Nature do her thing. Apart from cutting the lawn, we haven't tou
ched the garden since last fall! No weeds have been pulled nor bushes trimmed. And luckily, the garden hasn't died despite our black thumbs. You'll have to thank the previous owner Kiki for that. She was a master gardener so we a beautiful variety of flowers sprouting all summer long. Here's what's in bloom right now. I won't name names because beyond the roses and peonies, I have no clue what these lovely flowers are :-o

Yes, the giant rose bush is threatening to eat our car!

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  1. I wish my garden looked so spectacular from neglect! :)


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