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Hey, Don't I Know You...?

by - Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do you bloggers out there ever wonder if anyone actually reads your blog? Now I know that its not just me and my mom (hi mom!) reading this blog, but sometimes it feels that way. It feels like I'm writing in my diary, spilling out thoughts and ideas, and tucking them under the bed where no one else can find them. So when a stranger actually recognizes you and says "Hey, I read your blog" it can really feel surreal. That's what happened to HandyMan, Chloe and I a few days ago. 

I'm pretty sure I squealed a little bit from the shock then stood there dumbly with my mouth agape. We're no Brangelina so that moment of bloggy celebrity was unexpected. I was so surprised that I didn't think to ask the many questions running through my head... like how you found my blog, or which of us you recognized (must be Chloe. That kid has way too many pics on this blog if you ask me ;o) ), or WHAT YOUR NAME WAS. Ahh, bad blogger with bad manners.

It was so lovely to meet you though. Thank you for your kind words. And all you other bloggers out there take it from me, your paparazzi moment can happen when you least expect it.

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  1. Oh wow, I can't even imagine anyone recognizing me. That would sort of freak me out.

  2. Hi Rambling Renovator- I'm a fellow blog follower who lives in your 'hood. I recognized your house from the pics posted on your blog. I've walked past you on the street a few times but have been too shy to say anything- didn't want to seem like some crazy blog- stalker. I'll be sure to say Hi next time & introduce myself.

  3. I don't think a papparazzi moment will every really occur in my case. But I love your blog, your house, pictures of Chloe, everything.

  4. Ha. Love it. I always tell my H that we could be recognized someday and he just laughs and tells me to stop dreaming and come back to reality!

    Oh, how I'd love to live a celebrity life if for only a couple hours!
    : )

  5. I've never been recognized (that I know of) from any of my blogs. I did hook up with some local DIYers because I read their blog, but that was an invite not a paparazzi moment :-)

    I love the pic of Chloe with the hammer in your banner.

  6. My Mom is concerned about me being recognized. When I recently out my (not so flattering) picture on my blog she said "people will know who you are?!" in a horrified tone. Yeah, they'll know how I rip out my own kitchen sinks. To her, it was like having a superhero expose who they were.

    Glad you got recognized! I'm sure it felt great!

  7. I ended up running into someone who read my blog and now we are dating for 6months.

    So did you get the mixer?? I really want that one.

  8. long time reader, here. can't wait to read mammarazzi!! :)

  9. Hah! I love it! Although, you have been pretty stingy with pics of yourself and the hubs, so I'm sure I would only be able to recognize Chloe lol.

  10. Anonymous6:07 PM

    That's so cool.


  11. Caroline6:58 PM

    You'd be surprised how many people may recognize you and stay quiet.
    I've seen someone who was on What Not to Wear right in front of me in a deli (clothing stayed exactly the same PRIOR to the show) and someone else who was on The Apprentice.

    With Chloe though, they'll be more likely to talk to you!! I sure would!

  12. LOL! (and love the mixer!)

    I was staying at an RV park near Vancouver this winter when there came a knock at my door. The knocker was a man who had googled 'Canadian full-time RVing blogs' and found my site. He began to pen me a missive, looked out his window for inspiration, and realised that the recipient of the email was parked just two rigs down from his!

  13. Anonymous3:36 PM

    That was me! Usually when I recognize someone (including Angelina Jolie, but that's another story) I don't say anything, but I really enjoy your blog so I had to say something. I hope I didn't weird you guys out! Actually I recognized you first (rather than Chloe)- I found your blog through weddingbells. We were planning our weddings at similar times. I saw a link to your blog and thought I'd check it out. My husband and I just bought a townhouse recently (near Yonge&Eg) and so it seems my new focus is home decor. Our budgets our limited since I recently graduated and my husband is in grad school but I'm enjoying decorating/renovating vicariously through other people's blogs. And I apologize, I should have offered my name (it's Michelle). My husband and I have had a few random people come up to us from our wedding video/photos, so I understand how strange it suddenly seems to be in the spotlight (to even the playing field, here's a link to our video:
    P.S. Thanks for the Cayne's recommendation!

  14. K Dot - definitely say hi! And then bring me to your house and show me your renovations, lol!

    Caroline - Chloe gets ALL the attention when we're out. HandyMan keeps joking that she should do some modelling and help us pay for the next renovation :P

    Hi Michelle - I LOVE stillmotion's work. Your video was beautiful (did you get married at UofT Faculty Club? I got married at Hart House). And I should I have guessed WB was the link when you mentioned being recognized from your wedding photos. Thanks for putting a bit of excitement in our day!

  15. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Wanderluster- Yup! Our ceremony was at Knox College and our reception was at the Faculty Club. Small world!


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