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Troll The 'Roll

Ever wonder how people find your blog? I do. Using tools like Sitemeter and Google Analytics can tell you how many readers visit your site on a daily basis, what links they used to get there, and how long they were checking you out. "White kitchens" and "tile" tend to be my blog's big draws, though googling "frugal phoenix wedding" and "a couple making a baby" can also inexplicably land some of you here on Rambling Renovators (Welcome! I'll take what I can get ;) ).

Then I came across this site which shows you who has you listed on their Blog Roll. Just type your URL in the Search field and you'll see a list of referrers who have linked to your site. So thanks to these folks for including me on their blog rolls... here's some blog love right back at you! :)

Okay, looks like the site doesn't provide a comprehensive list. If I've missed you, please let me know. I'd love to give you a shout out and visit your site!

Edited to add: WOW - so many great blogs out there focused on home/design/renovation/family! If you like my blog, chances are you'll like these others listed, so check them out!!

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