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Connecting The Dots

by - Saturday, August 15, 2009

A funny little thing has happened in my part of the blogging universe. It started with this chance meeting. HandyMan and I came face to face with someone, a stranger, who had read our blog. And over the last few weeks, the strangeness has continued. I've made some new blog friends and in fact proved true to my house-stalking tendencies and showed up at some of these blogger's houses ready to take a peek at their torn down walls and borrow some of their decorating ideas. And they welcomed us in (hi Jen & Dave!). And they've brought over their little kiddos to meet Chloe (hi Lisa!). Remarkably, as blogging has made my world bigger... by exposing my home and style and point of view to many others... it has made my world smaller... by introducing me to people in my own back yard.

I guess that's the power of "social networking", as they call it. Via this little blog, I've picked up design clients for my new interior decorating business. I've learned of new sources for tiles and toilets, discovered useful renovation tips, and received helpful reader feedback. I've virtually met blog friends in a similar state in life - old house, newly married, starting a family. For me, the line between virtual and reality is becoming increasingly blurred. I kind of like it.

The spiritual side of me says that there are no coincidences and there are reasons things are happening here and now. As a new parent, I find we're giving our life a bit of an overhaul - making new couple friends, new mommie friends (I'm sure many of you other parents have done the same?). As well, I'm trying to build a new career, one that will allow me to stay at home with the little one. So, I take these things as signs of moving in the right direction.

Or maybe I'm just overthinking these things and who knows, I could have encountered these people and made these connections just by bumping into them on the street. Whatever it is, things are feeling rejuvenated here at the HandyLuster household.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! We have some stalker tendencies ourselves, so it doesn't bother us at all when people want to visit. Glad the ants didn't scare you away!

  2. I think we bloggers spend so much of our time connecting with others that when we actually connect with someone in the real world, the experience becomes that much more special.


  3. Good observation nicolette!

  4. New interior designing business? That's awesome! Congrats. Lol, I may have to ask for your your rl contact info in the near future.

  5. I have to agree with you about the lines of the blog world and the real world blurring, I kinda like it as well!!

    I feel what you are saying to be true, especially since I saw you and your beautiful family at the beach on the boardwalk a while back...I have to admit seeing you guys was a little surreal...when reading blogs I feel like the authors are so intangible, especially the ones in the U.S., but after seeing you I realize that some bloggers are in my own backyard :)

  6. I love that I've gotten to know you and your house on-line, and now in person -with our kids in tow!


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