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Antique Treasures

by - Monday, September 14, 2009

Our outing to the Christie Antique Show turned out to be well worth the trip. Not only was it a beautiful warm and sunny day (we've had so few of those this summer!), but we managed to scoop up some good finds.
We got this cast iron urn. It was in great condition and all it needed was a new paint job. HandyMan has already painted it up in a black matte finish and we just have to buy a plant for it. The trees have already started to turn their fall colours so I'm thinking something in russet or orange or red to go with the change of season.

For Chloe, I got this patchwork quilt, perfect for quick picnics and trips to the park.

I also picked up a Norman Rockwell
print to add to her gallery wall in her room. I love his work. It always conjures up memories of my own idyllic childhood.

And then there's this:

I have been searching high and lo for a horizontal antique photo for the last few months. I've seen a few at other antique shows or on ebay but they've always been too small. But this one is just right. Its about 4.5 feet long and looks to be in the original frame. The photo reads "Toronto Delegation A A C of A, Dallas Texas, May 19-23, 1912". I've googled around to find out more about it, but no luck. Don't the men look splendid? All sombre in their suits and top hats, and the band in their kilts.

I've been wanting one of these vintage photos to put above our bed (you know, when we finally get around to redecorating the master bedroom). I envision a few horizontal frames stacked one above the other, dark frames against the white wall. The wall will be panelled so these frames will float atop, giving a bit of texture and contrast. That's the plan, anyway.

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  1. Love the horizontal photo and the Rockwell print- great finds!

  2. I'm always jealous about all the great sources you have out east for home design, but Christies really takes the cake.

    I'm speechless with envy. Enjoy your awesome new finds.

  3. I went to Christie for the first time and was amazed and overwhelmed by all of the wonderful things! If I didn't live in the UK, a few pieces would definitely have come home with me. I love the photo you bought!


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