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Friendly Folks

by - Sunday, September 27, 2009

One thing I love about the internet is how it can bring you in contact with some wonderful people. Whether it be through chatting on a forum, blogging, or just emailing people about their products or services, I've been able to meet some great people - virtually. I love it when little things happen to remind you that on the other end, behind the computer screen, is another human being. Here's a little thank you post to some of those nice folks who have made my day:

Lindsay at Penny People was kind enough to send me this print for Chloe's room when I helped her with some reno questions. How thoughtful! Lindsay is a fab renovator and DIYer herself - you should check out her desk transformation!

Ariamamma is a lovely etsy seller. I bought a leash from her shop for Chloe's Sophie the Giraffe toy! But (blame it on the mommy-brain), we lost the leash so I ordered another one. Ariamamma sent one + a spare! And she sent this supercute hair clip which holds tight even in Chloe's babyfine hair. Visit her shop if you're looking for cute baby accessories.

And Liz at Wallpaper sent me this pretty album when I won her first giveaway. It was just what I needed - see, I've already filled it up with 200 photos! Liz is a stylish gal so I'm always peeking in on her blog to see her latest find.

So thank you, kind people. A virtual hug is coming your way!

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  1. It's true...I love how us home bloggers connect through our love of blogging. I'm glad to see the album came in handy and I am glad you won! BTW... Chloe looks so adorable :)

  2. Glad the print found its way to you safely! Thanks again for the source of your tiles! :)

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