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Shop Spotlight: Cornerstone Home Interiors

by - Saturday, September 05, 2009

HandyMan has been on vacation the last two weeks and we've had a wonderful time exploring our city. It amazes me that I've lived in Toronto my whole life yet there are still pockets of the city that I've never visited. Based on this post by my fellow blogger StyleNorth, we headed over to the Roncesvalles village. I wanted to check out this store:

Cornerstone did not disappoint! I loved the eclectic mix of furnishings on display... everything from Mission-style cabinetry, Tuxedo sofas, Louis XV chairs, harvest tables, modern leather sofas, tufted ottomans, Chinese sideboards, Art Deco lamps... I could go on and on. I fell in love with the painted cabinetry, especially the bookcases and buffets in French grey and buttery yellow. Sigh.

They have a huge store in Toronto and an even bigger one in Cambridge. I will definitely be back.

All photos courtesy of Cornerstone Home Interiors.

Update: If you're based in the UK and you’re looking for modern leather sofas then you can try Oldrids & Downtown. With over 50 sofa styles in stock visit for further information

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  1. I have been there , I am crazy about it too ,beautiful bookcases , and I think very fair prices , but that area is kinda hard to get to , it is like a maze.

  2. Such eye candy! It looks like they offer amazing products. The thing I love about these stores too is that they serve as amazing inspiration for home decorating - the styling of how they put things together definitely serve as inspiration. Thanks for the reminder for us Torontonians!

  3. Thanks for posting this, I never knew about this place before, but it looks like I will be clearing my schedule to make some time to visit it soon!

  4. Beautiful. loving that green couch!

  5. I would recommend it also. This place has some amazing sofa pieces that you don't see at other places.


  6. Hi, lovely post ! I really like your blog, thank you so much for sharing it ! Best wishes and lovely to meet you

  7. I have loved this store for years! They have such beautiful furniture and pieces that make a statement in anyones home.

  8. Gorgeous stuff! I wish I had a "grown-up" house to fill it with just this kind of furniture. They seem wrong for a modern loft! :)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. It just awesome stuff! i am crazy about it to fill in my house.

    Good luck

  11. Wow
    i love that yellow couch. very fun.
    Yes cornerstone antiques is great.
    I found a beautiful jam cupboard there once which I treasure!


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