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Things That Became Apparent After I Became A Parent

  1. Yes, you can survive on 4 hours sleep a night.
  2. Its amazing what you can do with only one free hand (because the other one is busy holding baby/holding a bottle/holding a breastfeeding baby)
  3. All those things you could accomplish quickly pre-baby take 8x longer to do post baby.
  4. You will be late - for everything.
  5. The spit up on your shoulder is invisible to you and only you.
  6. You will have no qualms dancing around in public places when wearing your baby in her carrier. And sometimes, you will forget and dance around even when baby isn't there :o\
  7. The second you are ready to walk out the door... baby will demand to be fed/be changed/be put to sleep. And you will be late. Refer to #4.
  8. You will have no problem buying many new cute little outfits for your baby, while you walk around in an old hoodie as its the only thing that suits your post-preggo body.
  9. Just when you think have things figured out (like the nap routine or the feeding schedule), baby will keep you on your toes by changing it all up.
  10. It is very easy to take 1200+ photos of a single subject.
  11. Some people are dumb and think its perfectly acceptable for a stranger to come up and touch a baby.
  12. Doing laundry is a daily chore, not a weekly one.
  13. The toys will overtake your house. Resistance is futile.
  14. The amount of drool/poop/spit up is not proportional to the size of the baby.
  15. Joining the parenthood club is the best thing HandyMan and I ever did. The price of initiation is steep, but the rewards are immeasurable.
  16. Managing to write a blog post daily when there is a baby around IS IMPOSSIBLE. (Thanks for sticking with me folks!)

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