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Details, details

by - Saturday, November 21, 2009

HandyMan's forte is in the details, figuring out what step goes first, how things are made. He worries about measurements and fittings and pieces and sequences... and well, sometimes, I could care less. It works for us though because I can envision the plan and HandyMan figures out how to make it happen.

Take this rad box. Looks simple enough right? I gave HandyMan a few parameters to work with - same shaker profile as the wainscotting, routered top to mimic the routered chair rail, same perforated panelling as the other rad boxes in the house, and it had to have open 'feet' so that it wouldn't look too heavy. 

HandyMan took care of the rest. Like figuring out how tall to make the box so that the top strip lined up perfectly with the wall panel, but leaving enough room for the box top to be easily removed. And working out the measurements on the front perforated panel so we wouldn't have any partially covered holes. And determining how to build a box with only two sides and a top (since the side nearest the curtain needed to remain open so we could access the valve).

I on the other hand wouldn't even think of these things... and even I did think of them, my brain would explode after a while because I hate thinking about finicky (but I know, necessary) details like that. 

Good thing HandyMan is the one doing the building though because we end up with quality detailed work like this. It matches the rad cover in Chloe's room nicely, don't you think? I wouldn't have thought of that ;)

And for those keeping score:
Time it would have taken us pre-baby to make this rad box - 1 weekend
Time it has taken us post-baby to make this rad box - 9 months!

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