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Phone Book, look!

by - Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My name is Wanderluster and I am addicted to my iPhone. There, I've said it. As a new mom, I wonder how I've managed to live without one for so long. Sure, its great for holding a million photos and videos of Chloe, but its even more awesome for storing my To Do lists (pregnancy brain lasts well after pregnancy, I'll tell you!), tracking all of our doctors appointments, playdates, and baby classes, and keeping me preoccupied when those breastfeeding sessions run a little long. And while I've come across some apps meant for little ones (like baby flash cards), I've never really been keen on exposing my little one to technology too early. But this, I think, is pretty ingenious and quite a clever use of the iPhone in a way that can actually benefit kids and enhance their learning:

The only problem will be figuring out how to get the phone away from the little one so I can actually make some phone calls!

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  1. Lol, we have a bunch of toddler/preschool apps and the "Cars" movie for my son on ours. It's a godsend when we're trying to get him to sit still (ie. dinner out). Best idea ever! :)

  2. OMG I want this phone!!! Ryan will love my new reason to get it. haha.

  3. I love love love my iphone. It was a big splurge for me. Did I NEED it? Of course not. Do I LOVE it. YES!!!

    For my granddaughter I have "shapebuilder." You can get a free version but I ponied up for the deluxe version. She loves it. But I'm definitely looking into this book. Thanks!

  4. John would LOVE this. He is already obsessed with my macbook, I have cute little baby fingerprints all over the screen.

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  6. I'm like you with my reluctance to have very much tv/video games/computer time in our home (I grew up without TV myself), but I must confess to resorting to using my iphone apps like Toddler Flashcards and Bolt (the movie) to get my boys (ages 1 and 2) to pretend like they're behaving... mostly when we're eating out!(Luckily the iphone is small enough that it's kind of undercover, and not so obnoxious to other patrons).

    There's some great animated books and other fun kid apps out there too... not to mention all the ones I love for me.

  7. I hadn't even thought of downloading movies on my iphone. Thanks for the suggestions! Oh boy, guess I need to download a few more things :)


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