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Now That's A Door

by - Saturday, December 05, 2009

Old door:

New door!

Well hello! Welcome! Come on in and stay a while! If doors could talk, that's what our new door would be saying. It was about time we replaced the original front door. The one that you had to slam to close properly and tug with all your might to open. The one with layers and layers of paint, a faux leaded glass window, and a rotting wooden doorstep that I'm sure was an insect super highway for those little bugs that would find their way inside in the summertime.

And in its place we've put a schmancy new door and storm door. Its a traditional style that fits with our house with a leaded glass window and recessed panels. We thought the door would have a smooth finish but it actually has a faux wood look which we quite like! We went with a fiberglass door instead of a metal one since it would stand up better to kicks, hits, and banging by little children :) The storm door will be great to have for our snowy Canadian winters but also fun for Chloe. We've noticed that lots of the neighbours' kids liked to stand at the door and check out what was happening on the street. With the storm door, we can let some sunlight in, allow breezes to flow (the glass can be changed with mesh), and Chloe can see the world outside.

And because we were so excited about our new door, we decided to deck it out in its holiday finery. HandyMan "repotted" our faux topiaries into our cast iron urns. Hopefully they won't keep toppling over now like they did last year. And did you see my coir doormat from Ikea? I love how the pattern echoes the pattern in the glass and the shape of our house numbers. Now all we have to do is get the white trim painted next spring (I'm thinking a taupey grey colour) and the house will be looking brand new.

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