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Windsor Smith

by - Sunday, December 27, 2009

If money were no object, which designer would you hire to build your dream house? I have a few names in mind and one of those is Windsor Smith. Her style is a mix of traditional + feminine in just the right doses. Here's pics of her house from the September 2009 House Beautiful issue:

I love how she mixes pattern and colour and shapes. And what a sense of fun she has - did you see that black painted games room with the polar bear art?
There is so much to look at in these rooms. They're very layered and interesting. I think these looks will last a long time... there's always something new to catch your eye!

If you'd like to live in a house like this, well here's your chance!
This house is currently on the market for a cool $7.995 million. Uhm, thanks, I think I'll pass ;) Though I would love to walk into this entryway...

And snooze in this bed. *Sigh*.

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  1. The last image is amazing, love the wallpaper placed behind the bed only! Janell

  2. You missed the rug from my room re-do.... I love her use of colour and the mix of modern and classic

  3. Ouch! $7 million?! I love the skirted chair in the kitchen!

  4. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Windsor Smith! I am head over heels for her aesthetic. All of it. OMG. I wish I could afford her stuff.


  5. How could I miss that, modernemama! Love your rug :)

  6. Loving the black in these rooms. It's usually not the direction I go, but blacks and browns have been my fave lately.

  7. Love these pics...thank you for introducing me to Windsor Smith. I am always drawn to Wendy Williams Watt - the founder of Liberty in Vancouver. Her homes have great bones and texture. I do love Windsor's hits of colour.


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