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Primary Bedroom: Let There Be Light

by - Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last we left the room, boxes for sconces had been put in on either side of the bed. At the same time, we had some potlights put in, one in front of the closet, another over my vanity, and two to highlight the panelled wall. 

A bit of lighting overkill perhaps (especially when you consider there is also a center ceiling light) but HandyMan has been hankering for potlights since the dining room reno (which I vetoed). So, I picked my battles and that's how we're left with mondo illumination decoration.

Now to find sconces to fit those boxes! Since the room will be painted white, I knew I wanted dark toned lights to balance the dark headboard. And lately, I've been really liking the whole farmhouse / new country / cottage look so I was looking for something more casual in feel. 

A swing-arm would be great too, since we like to read in bed. Put all those things together and these are kind of sconces that we find appealing:
bedside sconces, bedroom sconces, swing arm sconces

1. Robert Abbey Ant Bee Pharmacy Head Swinger Wall Lamp2. Hancock Collection Dark Bronze Hardwire Swingarm Wall Light
3. Universal Lighting Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hardwire Swing Arm Wall Lamp4. George Kovacs P3 Plug-In Swing Arm Wall Lamp
5. Pottery Barn Wyatt Sconce

Of these, we liked the Pottery Barn one best - but found out they don't sell them in the Canadian stores and PB online doesn't ship to Canada. Ugh. So now, I'll have to find a way to get them. Don't you just hate wanting something only to learn you can't actually get it?

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  1. I'm kind of loving the little round head on #4, but the Pottery Barn has a different kind of charm.

    I think these are an absolute must by the bed. (Do you know how annoyingly painful it is to read by the light of your iPhone.)

  2. My first thought was that the Pottery Barn ones are totally you!

    There's a PB in Cheektowaga, NY. 176km from TO. Ideal day trip distance...

  3. Lighting is definitely a very important element of a house.And choosing a right lighting gives the right ambiance to the room.

  4. i looked at the 1,2, and 4 for our room. i really want two tolomeo wall lamps but they are way out of the budget. i think any of them would fit the look that you are going for - although i do agree that the last one does seem the most you :-)

  5. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Do you have friends or a trusted fan here in the US that could get them for you and then ship them to you??

  6. I always find that annoying! It's not hard to ship to Canada and with our strong dollar you would think that companies would be making themselves accessible to our market...

  7. I agree - I like the PB ones the best as well. I'm thinking cross-border shopping is in your future.

  8. I wanted a chandaliere from Pottery Barn and when I called the store here to see if they carried it they said no and not to order from the US because the electrical standards are different between the two countries. Just an FYI. You might want to double check that. Good luck!

  9. Hey WL! I have an unrelated (but kind of related?) request!!!

    Can you please please please do a post on vintage shopping in Toronto? I'm driving down from Ottawa this weekend and I know that you are in the know! Guide me!!! PS. Do you know ReStore? And if so, can you tell me which one has The Most??

    If you ever want the same for Ottawa or Montreal, let me know ;)

  10. Thanks for the tip Lisa. I'll have to check on that.

    Ginger - Ack, I'm so not the person to ask! I've only been to one ReStore (East York). No idea if its the biggest.

    But do check out Chris is FULL of information about the stores in Toronto. Here's one post that may help:

    More vintage/antique stores can also be found nearby in the Queen Street West & Roncesvalles area. Actually, that's probably where I would start. Its a vibrant area with quaint shops, restaurants, and bakeries.

    Finally, here is a great article that has some suggestions too:

    Hope you score some great finds!!

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