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O-Nine, You Were Divine

by - Friday, January 01, 2010

When it came to making our house a home, I doubted that 2009 would surpass all the things we accomplished in 2008. But we did get some things done. Here's a peek back.

The dingy waterlilies and carpet (!)...

...gave way to gleaming tile and shine

A deck that ain't so sweet... now a sweet place to enjoy a summer night.

A room with no personality...

...transformed into a room for a little person.

Long lost family treasures...

...are treasured once again

One door closed...

...and another one opened

And 2...

...became 3!

Wishing you all a 2010 filled with lots of DIY, renovations completed, and rooms lived in and enjoyed!


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  1. I love the bathroom renovation. Happy New Year!

  2. your renovations amaze me!

  3. Caroline4:50 PM

    What an awesome recap of 2009!!!!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. An amazing year. It was fun to follow along. Looking forward to 2010.

  5. So many people seem glad to leave '09 behind - so fun to see you celebrate all the good '09! I loved the pic of your daughter in the mini-chair from months ago. It would be fun to take a pic of her in it after it is refinished and frame them in a double photo frame. Happy 2010!

  6. Your projects are so inspiring! Thanks for providing awesome posts that are helpful to us in our renos!

  7. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Impressive! My faves are the baby and the bathroom.

    Happy twenty-ten to you all.


  8. what beautiful renovations! your house is darling - and so is your family!!!
    have a wonderful new year!

  9. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I've read about 3 dozen of these '09 entries, and I have to say that yours is the most succinct and touching. I don't know what it is about it that "got me," but it did :). Best to you and yours in '10!

  10. I saw them as you were working on them, but it's such a big difference to look back. The nursery is unreal, it turned out great!

  11. haha I still remember that bathroom! it was great to see all the pics again =)
    Happy 2010!

  12. Happy New Year! hugs from Conroe, TX!

  13. You've been so busy this past year. I think your bathroom reno might be inspiration for our master bathroom this next year.

    Take care,

    P.S good looking family :)

  14. I love the fabric on the rocking chair in your baby's bedroom. Where did you find it?

  15. You guys are awesome - and busy.

  16. LOVE this recap... especially the bathroom (seeing as that and laundry rooms are about the only thing on my radar at the moment!) I'm particularly a fan of how you used the basketweave tile - where did you buy it and how much did you pay???

    Also a big fan of the vanity you picked... so many choices for my little basement bathroom :)

  17. Lovely post J, really heartwarming.
    Happy 2010!

  18. I love what you did with the doilies! I have tons my grandma has made, how did you adhere them to the fabric?

  19. Thanks for the kind words everyone :)

    My Notting Hill - great idea! I guess that means I have to get the chair finished first though, haha!

    Kristin - the fabric is Devin in the Film Noir colourway and I bought it (in person) from

    Kerry - we bought the basketweave and the moonstone at Saltillo Tile. Sorry, I don't remember how much. I do remember there was a 'cheaper' basketweave that had the pieces closer together, less room for grout, but we preferred this look so we paid a bit more.

    Michka - I used straight sewing pins to hold the doilies on. They were too long so I snipped off the ends once I pushed them through the doily, fabric, and foam. I tried using spray glue but the doilies kept falling off.

  20. 2009 was a big one for you! Love how all of your projects turned out--but especially the littlest, cutest one. Happy 2010 to all 3 of you! :)

  21. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I stumbled upon your blog via and I just wanted to say that your renovations are inspiring! You have a really lovely home. Well done!


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