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Party Planning: Pretty Petals

by - Friday, February 19, 2010

Cough, cough, sniffle, dribble. That's the sound of both HandyMan and Chloe feeling sick this week :( So, the chair makeover isn't quite done yet. But in between making pots of tea and nursing a poor sick little girl, I've managed to work a bit more on things for Chloe's party.

Most of you thought the invite looked better with Chloe's face, but I just loved the idea of incorporating a silhouette somehow so I managed to come up with another way to use it - and save some money while I'm at it!

Did I mention that I have to send out about 30 invitations? Yeah, I come from a large Filipino family. Add in Chloe's baby friends and their parents, and my best girlfriends who I've known for 25 years and their babies and you get a loooong list of invites! Good thing we're only doing a big party for her first birthday (next year, the kid will have to be content with a homemade cake for 3, lol). So I'm trying to keep costs down and make any 'extras' cost effective. Bouncing around blogland the other night, I came across some free downloads at I Still Love You blog. She had a petal envelope - perfect! Here's what I did with it:

I pasted the invite image directly on the petal envelope template - envelope and invite all in one! And to keep the envelope closed, I created this sticker which acts as a return address label. Here's a closer look at the mock up:

I printed these out on Avery 8293 Small Round Labels which I got at Staples. They come in a pack of 400 so I have a few more ideas on where else to use them. Only downside is now I have to cut out 30 petal envelopes. Oh, the things I do for this little girl! ;)

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  1. That is fantastic! I wasn`t going to do invites for Ashlyn`s birthday but those are so cute I`m feeling tempted (with my own spin on them, of course).

  2. Those turned out so great!! Make sure to save one for a memory box or scrapbook.

  3. Those look great. Enjoy the party.

  4. Adorable! I am making invites for a friend who has twins. I don't have kiddos so I love making invites and thank you cards as my gift to them. I'm not sure if you have been over to but they sell digital files and have some adorable birthday stuff on sale! The awesome thing is that you can use it all over and over for all sorts of events. Thanks for sharing the link to your find for the petal envelope! Hugs from Texas! p.s. Chloe is a very lucky girl to have such cool parents!

  5. This is awesome!! I love the invite/envelope combo and the return address sticker is too cute!! Great Job! :)

  6. Fantastic!

    I love the custom sticker! Great job.

    Take care,

  7. these are a-dorable! i love a good party invite. plus, she is SERIOUSLY CUTE.

    (and your comment about her being content with a cake for 3 next year cracked me up!)

    by the way, i was wondering if you might be indonesian chinese like me (although only on my father's side, my mother is irish and swedish) -- i call myself the asian caucasian!


  8. I love it- how did you make the stickers?

  9. Notjustbabybrain - spin away ;)

    Heather - good idea. I'm so terrible for remembering to keep momentos.

    Nancy W - thanks for the link! I'll have to check out the site.

    kelly - I think Chloe is pretty cute too ;) I'm Filipino Canadian. Asian Caucasian - I just might have to steal that nickname for Chloe!

    janae - I created the silhouette and text in Photoshop, saved it as a jpeg, then pasted it in Word (which has preset templates for Avery products).

  10. Loooove it! Are you going to send them as is - or put them in envelopes? Isn't sending mail such a hassle? I always procrastinate it, but I sure love to receive cards and letters. Your family is going to love those invites :)

  11. I love what you did with the petal envelope template! This is such a rad birthday invitation, the face on the front is adorable.

    I would be honored if you'd consider adding this to IS•LY's flickr group!


  12. Morgan - I love getting snail mail too! I'll be sending the invite as is, printed on hard card stock. Hopefully they make it to their destinations!

    Melissa - happy to do so! Thanks for the template!

  13. Anonymous4:16 PM

    What an utterly charming invite. Nice work, Wanderluster!


  14. It looks wonderful! I love the profile pic =)

  15. My boy is turning one on Friday and we too are doing a big bash (I come from a large Tibetan family!) for his first. You, my friend, make me look like a slacker:)
    Like you, next year is going to be real low key - probably a tea party with a few friends with babies. Cannot wait. Happy Birthday to Chloe & Rigden! What a full year it's been.

  16. SO cute! Our little on is turning the end of March and the ivitations are almost ready. We are doing an ice cream social.

    The time goes by so fast!

  17. Love it! How did you cut these out? And what kind of stock paper did you use? You've inspired me!


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