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Feelin' Blue

by - Thursday, February 25, 2010

I wish I could post pics of Chloe's reupholstered chair...but I can't...because it isn't finished. Oh, the troubles that chair is giving me! First we tried using a staple gun to affix the plygrip metal fastener. Nope, our air compressor staple gun didn't have enough kick and the staples wouldn't go all the way into the wood. Then we tried a nail gun. That worked a bit better - until the nails ripped through the metal as I fidgeted with the fabric! And then, I had to figure out a way to prevent the plygrip from poking through the edges of the fabric.


So we're left back at square one. I will reupholster this chair, mark my words! Let's just think of pretty happy things instead, shall we? Like these rooms with lovely hits of blue.

All images from House Beautiful.

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  1. pretty rooms. i'm still lovin' your kitchen . . . :)

  2. That strip looks difficult , which is why I use trim to cover the staple edge , when it is done well it looks just fine , you can make trim out of the fabric you use to recover the chair , this makes me want to get to re-doing my desk chair , maybe that what I will do today ??? so unmotivated , I need some sunshine...

  3. Love these rooms - especially the bedroom! That day bed is beautiful!

    Best of luck with the chair - you can always just remind yourself how gorgeous it will be when it IS done ;)


  4. Anonymous12:35 PM

    You can do it. Slow and steady wins the race.

    One of the pictures you posted shows a pair of chairs that have wooden balls carved out of the woodwork. It is my dream in life to have a pair of chairs like that.



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