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Primary Bedroom: Deciding on Drapery

The snow is melting, the sun is shining bright, and the smell of Spring is in the air. What is it about all that sunshine that casts everything in a flattering light, making the world seem happier, fresher, and so alive? 

I've been enjoying the sunlight streaming into our master bedroom lately. Most of the time we have the blackout curtains drawn to keep the cold gloomy days out of view but now with the bedroom renovation underway, what will we replace the curtains with?

Drapery for the Primary Bedroom

I'm drawn to a few looks. I like these photos below, with drapes layered over matchstick blinds. The blinds add warmth and texture, and lend a casual summery vibe to the room.

Images: Canadian House & Home, House Beautiful, Coastal Living.

Or we could do roman shades in each of the three windows, like below.

bedroom windows with roman blinds 
bedroom windows with roman blinds 
bedroom windows with roman blinds
Images: Coastal Living, unknown, via DecorPad.

I like the ribbon banding detail on the roman blinds. Its a cleaner, simpler look. And blinds definitely would use less fabric - but maybe they would cost more than curtains to get made by my seamstress?? Decisions, decisions. I'll have to mull this one over for a while.

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