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Mini Chair Makeover!

8 months, 148 nail tacks, 7 feet of flexible tacking strip, 1.5 yards of fabric, 1 quart of paint, and 2 bloody fingers to take this:

to this and finally this:

It's not perfect, but its done :) This is my first reupholstery job and I learned a few things like:
- flexible tacking strip is probably well suited for regular sized furniture but is a pain in the butt for a mini chair like this one
- flexible tacking strip needs lots of foam on top of it to prevent it from poking through the fabric
- for a first time reupholstery project, don't pick fabric with stripes or plaids (strike 1 and strike 2!)

So it took much more effort than I anticipated but I'm pretty happy with it. Now Chloe will have a chair to sit on when she blows the candle off of her 1st birthday cake!! Not that the kid likes to sit on the chair - yet. The chair isn't the only thing that's changed:

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